Fundamentals of IoT

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This course is intended to introduce and solidify your understanding on all aspects of Enterprise IoT systems

This course is NOT about programming or coding of embedded devices where you connect sensors to RaspberryPi or Arduino boards and push data to cloud to display it in graphs.

You would love this course if you are interested in understanding how Smart City, Smart Retail and Connected Healthcare use cases are designed and implemented. At the end of this course, you should be able to get an understanding of the end to end architecture of all IoT Systems.

It includes –

  • Core IoT Elements
  • IoT Data Flow
  • Technology makeup
  • Building blocks
  • IoT Phases 
  • IoT Reference Architecture.

This course also covers and Two Case Studies, one on Connected Healthcare and the other on Asset Monitoring

Further, there is a Quiz to evaluate your understanding of IoT Concepts. It is highly recommended to go through the lectures again if you are not able to answer all the questions correctly in the first go.

There is a also a Project Assignment as part of this course, for which you have to create an Architecture for a given IoT problem. The idea is to apply the knowledge acquired in this course to a real situation. The project submission would be evaluated and review comments would be provided to you.

Finally, please feel free to message me any doubts or question that you may have and want clarifications for better understanding.

Good luck, as you onboard yourself into this inspiring world of IoT!