5 Skills every student should learn

In order to be successful in this competitive world, one does need to have something which sets them apart from the rest. They need to possess skills which help define them as one unique individual and shows the world what potential they possess.

The age of schooling or let’s say studying is the prime age of learning. One can at this time acquire numerous skills which at a later point in their life would prove to be quite valuable for them. The skills we have mentioned do not require any extra investment or loads of your time. You can develop these skills or encourage your children to do so while they are still in their schools and colleges. Not only will they help become a person become a good professional, but would also encourage them to become an all-around citizen of the world.


A conventional and rather clichéd skill is the skill to read. By reading, we definitely do not mean that any child should be able to recognize words and sentences, as being a student, he already can. There is a great deal of literature present out in the world and the world although digitized still does require everyone to read and comprehend information. If as a student you wish to reach up to your true potential you ought to start reading. You should be able to decipher information, you should be able to comprehend what a paragraph or article is trying to convey. While people can read a paragraph if given, however, their mind doesn’t necessarily understand what they are reading. Therefore, reading along with understanding is a skill which a student should acquire for a successful life ahead.

Writing and typing

The era of digitization sure has increased a lot of competition in the world. If a student wishes to be successful in this fast pacing world, they should be able to write down their ideas and convey them effectively to other. By writing, we mean that as a student you should be able to write clearly, use correct words, form correct sentences and also ensure no punctuation errors do occur. This only will ensure that you are able to explain others what you wish to say.

Now with paperless technology emerging typing is more prevalent than actual writing using pen and paper. A student should practice typing a page of word document each day and should also be able to type with both hands. While typing, you don’t need to pay very close attention to grammar and spelling mistakes as the software already does this for you. However, you definitely ought to develop a typing speed and should be able to type around 100 words per minute at your best.

Communication skill

Numerous researchers have shown that people even working in a professional field do lack the basic communication skills. They aren’t able to communicate verbally with other colleagues or clients which often does cost them their business. Communication skill is one skill which will play a huge part in any field you chose to work in. You would be giving interviews, you will be giving your clients presentations, or you might go on to become the prime minister of India.

Ability to question and learn on their own

While children aged between 4-7 years are curious and do question anything they see or find, researchers show that this quality becomes extinct within them as they enter their teenage. Ability to question a fact, to think outside is also one important skill a student should have. For example, as a student decides to play with RC cars, he or she should be curious enough to know how this car operates.

This ability should be complemented with self-learning ability, and a student should also be able to learn few things on his own. While schools do teach most of the academic stuff and laws of science, what they don’t teach is how to approach or work with problems in real life. This is one skill which student will learn gradually from his experiences, from his failures and successes. The important point is, he should be willing and motivated enough to learn.

Living and becoming a healthy citizen of society

These skills, although not taught anywhere, should be inculcated within students by their parents or guardians. Living in a society with peace, respecting others feeling, giving others also a chance to grow already makes the student an all-rounder. People do attain education from schools, however, character building is done at home, and this is the role of parents to ensure their child grows to become a strong willed character who understands his responsibilities and knows his duties.

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