How can college students improve their writing?

Cause and effect papers require an author to analyze a particular situation or event and prove the connection between the reasons something happened and the consequences it creates. Students often face difficulties with such type of essay writing. They don’t know what topics to use, how to sort out the situation in detail, and how to provide relevant arguments after thoroughly thinking about the problem.

To put it simply, you need to answer “Why” and “What are the results?” in your paper. To write a standout essay, you should bring up fresh topic ideas and show your analytical ability. Let’s look at some pieces of advice which will help you improve your writing.

How to write a cause and effect essay?

In order to choose a great subject and compose your paper properly, you have to divide your work into a couple of steps.

First, try to fully understand the task. Your essay will contain some useful points of view, which can help other students learn something new. So, you’d better understand what your paper will be about from the start and what it will aim at. Listen carefully to your professor’s explanation as it can give you an understanding of the assignment and some ideas for the cause and effect essay topics.

Next, you need to choose a particular situation, topic, or event.  You will find a list of topics below, which contains the most interesting and suitable ideas for college essays.

The next step would be to narrow the subject. When you start researching your topic, you realize how much is already written about it: books, articles, academic papers, etc. You need to sort all the information and pick only the main points. Don’t forget that a cause and effect essay needs to contain mostly your analysis and thoughts on the matter, so try not to overflow your text with unnecessary information and other author’s points of view.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, you need to plan your paper. It’s important to create an outline before starting to write. This will help you compose the essay properly, follow the correct structure, sort your thoughts, meet the requirements, and see the whole picture. An outline will allow you to see the general idea and mistakes that need to be fixed.

The last step is, of course, the final check and adjustments. This is when you write the so-called “clean” version of your paper. You take your outline and transform it into a final paper by fixing its content, adding new points, checking it and fixing mistakes.

Cause and effect essay outline

Planning is important. It’s hard to write a proper cause and effect essay, especially when you have many ideas and topics to use. That’s why you need to create an outline first, which will help you determine the subject, your opinion on it, and the structure you are going to follow.

It’s better to divide your essay into five paragraphs: introduction, a cause explanation, an effect explanation, the description of the connection between them, and a conclusion. This will help you develop the argument.

Start the paper with explaining what aspects you are going to discuss. Then, move to the cause explanation, concentrating on each point of view separately and describing the circumstances of the situation. When explaining the effect, start with the general description. Then, move to the details and specific factors. Next, you need to explain the importance of the connection between the cause and the effect, express your personal point of view on the matter, and analyze the connection. To end the writing, compose the conclusion paragraph. That’s where you explain the importance of your conclusions.

Best cause and effect essay topics

There are hundreds of topics to use in your essay, but which one is the best? It’s always better to write about a relevant subject which is of current interest. Take a look at these cause and effect essay topics and be sure that no matter which one you pick, your subject will be original and interesting.

  • Modern-day faithfulness and what causes people to cheat on their partners. As people face this problem more and more often these days, it’s a good idea to research the problem and find out what causes it and what consequences it leads to.
  • Effects of growing in a single parent family. This topic is quite wide because you can explain both the long-term effects and the short-term consequences of raising a child as a single parent.
  • What bullying at school leads to. This is a relevant problem which is being discussed all over the world, so your essay will not only be of current interest, but also meaningful and important.
  • Causes and effects of poverty. There’s a lot to say on this matter. You can write about the lack of education in some countries, low life quality, poor life choices, rash acts, or about people who are born into poverty and can’t change it.
  • Why do riots happen and what can they change? This is another excellent essay idea. You can describe the risks of possible government overthrow, crime rates and their changes, legislation, and a lack of social safety. All the causes and effects are relevant these days.
  • Obesity as one of the main problems of modern-day people. In your essay, you can talk about environmental causes, genetics, societal norms, and beauty standards. You can describe how obesity influences human body and what it leads to.
  • How social media impacts on our lives. Whether it brings positive or negative consequences or has both good and bad effects on people, there’s a lot to describe and argue about.
  • How our emotions influence our health. This is an interesting topic as it covers a wide span of helpful information.
  • How global temperature changes can influence the world. Another subject of current interest, as it is a vexed problem of modern civilization. You can express some new points of view and discover new effects of the global temperature changes.
  • Genetic engineering and its effect on humanity. This essay topic is also relevant as the modern-day progress influences all aspects of human lives. Discuss how genetic engineering affects our generation and can influence the future world population.


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