Tips and tricks for passing ITIL exams

Information Technology Infrastructure Library exam or ITIL exam is now one of the most popular certification exams for IT professionals. With an increasing number of companies now realizing the ITIL management effectiveness, the demand for professionals who have completed the exam is at an all-time high.

If you too are planning to take the plunge, the tips and tricks mentioned below are sure to improve your chances of cracking it right in the first attempt. So, let us begin!

Take ITIL training course


While there are people who prepared for the exam on their own and passed too, self-studying would require you to give more time to the preparation process and might prove more stressful as well. ITIL training from a reputed institute will be your best bet if you want to clear the exam on your first attempt. With experienced instructors and other students preparing for the same exam, the whole preparation would be significantly easier than compared to preparing without formal training.

Have a study plan


Just like all other exams, it is very important that you first create a thorough study plan for the exam. Just joining a class and reading a few blogs alone won’t help. Plan to spend at least an hour every day to prepare. A number of training providers give their students some type of activity to make the learning process easier. Right from reference guides to flashcards use anything and everything that you can to make the learning process easier.

Remember the ITIL exam perspective when answering


The ITIL exam tests how well you understand the functions, processes, roles, tools, and concepts mentioned in the ITIL study material. In no way, the answers should depict the way in which things are managed in your organization. Remember what you learn from the books and only answer from ITIL frameworks perspective if you want to pass.

Use mock exams


On the official website of ITIL, you can find a sample test paper. The difficulty of this paper is in line with the difficulty of the actual exam. When you think you are prepared for the exam, don’t forget to go through this mock test to check where you stand. Apart from this, you can find many other free mock tests on the internet. If you have taken up an ITIL course, you can get mock tests there too. Go through as many mock tests as possible, but ensure that they are from a reliable source to improve your preparation.

Don’t write SLAs with legalese in them


SLAs which contain difficult legalese are usually not read and not followed. As a result, it is very important to make sure that you only use concise, clear and simple language. Do not leave any kind of wiggle-room or ambiguity in the SLAs. Also, ensure that the targets in the SLAs, UCs, and OLAs are measurable. This is something that you can get better at with a good ITIL training.

Know the keywords


You surely need to get all the keywords right if you want to clear the exam. These are ITIL terms like service design, service strategy, service level agreements, contracts, etc. which are linked to other terms. For instance, if a question is talking about data centres it is pointing towards “Facilities Management, ” and if the question has pre-approved or pre-authorized in it, it is linked to “Standard Change”. Know the keywords and what they are linked to as it will make it easier for you to answer the questions.

Along with ITIL foundation certification course, remember these tips if you want to clear the exam on your first attempt. Understand and make good use of them as they are sure to help you save a lot of time and ensure that your preparation is effective and rewarding.

Author: Priya Jatoliya

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