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Every day we use our smartphones for something. Be it browsing the internet, calling friends, or chatting with new acquaintances, and much more. There are practical ways you can use your phone for something productive. Language learning apps are becoming a favourite to new language learners. They offer convenience and ease of studying without the pressures of attending a lesson. You are thrilled to start this adventure of adding one more language to your resume. It could be that you want to make it easy to interact with natives of a particular area. Where do you start looking for an optimal app to learn a language from the myriad available?

It’s the same apprehension that you get when looking for a suitable paraphrase online, tool. The list below will get you started:

  1. Hello Talk

It is an app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. It gives you the opportunity to learn from a native who speaks in the language that interests you. Communication can be via, voice, text or videos.It also has other features to facilitate your learning experience. It’s translation services allows you to get a better understanding of the word(s) you may not understand from your study buddy. You can also use their Voice-to-Text feature to get a copy of what your partner says, in a text.

  1. Duolingo

Its study material is broken down into different topics, from grammatical subjects to issues like clothing, business, etc. It encourages the involvement of language enthusiasts and native communities who create many of their courses. You can save and track your progress throughout the courses, but you have to create an account first. It uses different media to aid in your learning, e.g., images, text, and audio. The difficulty level increases as you complete a particular section.

  1. Quick learner

How about spicing up your lessons? I have always enjoyed group discussions as opposed to studying alone. This app allows you to learn with your friends. It is a game app in which you play against other people from around the world. If you are a competitive learner, this could be the app for you. Just like any game you will be ranked and receive unique achievements, based on your performance. It helps one in reinforcing their vocabulary.

  1. Memrise

It has a unique way of teaching new words and phrases. To make it easy to remember the words you learn, it places them together with words that sound similar in your native language. It also supports offline courses. With Memrise you can choose the type of lesson you want to start with, from the simple one to advanced levels. It also mixes translations, to help you learn, several new words at once. But with a word paraphrase, it is suitable to use one at a time.

  1. Babbel

If your focus is conversational learning, you can try this out. It offers customized lessons, for beginners and advanced learners. Each lesson typically takes 10-15 minutes. It may come in handy as you wait for your appointment. Lessons progress logically, as you start with basic phrases. You can work offline by downloading the lessons too. You will learn how to speak out and fit words and phrases, into sentences.

  1. Mosalingua

Another cool way to learn a new language is using the Flashcard system by this app. You first have to declare your purpose for using the particular app, say, for travel, communication with natives, business, etc. If you don’t know the suitable level for you; taking its sample test will give you a clue. It has different sections to engage you. In the “Write” section you type the translation of the given English phrase. The “Listen & Pronounce” section gives you a picture, text phrase, and its audio pronunciation. You then record yourself mentioning the words and compare the two audios.

  1. MindSnacks

It takes gamification to another level. Lessons are short and straightforward, outlining concepts. You then practice by playing games, to achieve mastery. It helps you monitor your learning progress and will keep you on the edge of your seat, in each game.

  1. WordUp!

If you are into word games, here is one app to keep you glued to your phone. It presents you with a blank space and a grid of letters. You now have to figure out the combination of letters for the word.

  1. AccellaStudy

Each language has its app. The features are similar in all apps except the words. And you can also use it offline. You will learn using different methods, from flashcards, spaced repetition, to quizzes.

Let not social media be the main reason you are addicted to your phone. Use this time to learn a new language with a fabulous language learning app or use it to look for a suitable automatic paraphrase service.

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