7 Tips to make your e-learning courses awesome



E-learning has become the new best way to get an education. This might seem like a great idea – laying in your pajamas, while learning. But, the downside is that these courses can often times be very boring. With no motivation or a teacher telling you to learn, it can become challenging. The creators of these courses do their best to make their content better, but sometimes, they need to work a little more at doing so. If you are trying to make your e-learning courses more awesome, here are some tips you can apply.


  1. Know your audience

If you know who you are creating these courses for, you can equip yourself with knowledge that can take you very far. This information is your guide in creating fun and engaging content. By knowing your audience, you learn about the level of education they have and thus tweak your course in a way that makes sense to them. Australia essay writing is different from US writing, so knowing who your audience is vital.


  1. Create an outline

I see many writers just start putting words on paper, without creating an outline. This is not the right route to take when it comes to a lot of text. An outline will guide you in the process of creating the course and help you not miss any important factors. Write down your beginning, middle and end. Make sure there is a flow between sections and write this down in your outline as well. One way to confuse the learner is to just between topics without explaining each one effectively.


  1. Give examples

People relate and absorb information better when you use examples or stories. If the audiences engage in your content, they will find the content interesting. Make sure these examples are applied in real life, in order to make it relatable. Use these examples as scenarios and then you give the solution. If your audience need essay help Australia, you want to make sure your course covers all the major stumbling blocks to essay writing in this area.


  1. Practical

After you have explained the text, you need your learners to put it to use. Have exercises at the end of each unit to allow the learner to see if there are areas of worry. Just having 1 exam at the end of the full course is not going to do much. By this time, the learner would have gone through so much of work that it is time-consuming to even find the section they are struggling with.


  1. Get to the point

As much as you might want your course to be 5000 pages, you need to take out all the unnecessary text. Stick to the facts and the facts only. The rest of the information is just going to confuse the learner and create frustration. Information about being a better Australian writer, when your audience is in the UK does not make much sense. Give the learner an amount of content that they can handle and absorb. Anything more than that is really a waste of time.


  1. Get emotional

It is said that we absorb much more when there is an emotion attached to what we are reading. If you are a romantic and read a romance novel, you probably remember details that you normally wouldn’t. This is because you have tapped into your emotions and your brain actually transports you into the story. The same applies when it comes to learning. Use a video or an image to get any kind of emotion out of the learner for effective engaging.


  1. Write like a human

This tip is often missed out, when it comes to academic content and I am not sure why. When you write like a professor or a teacher, you often lose the learner. Write as you would write a letter to a friend. In fact, write the way you speak and you will engage your learners more. No one can relate to robots (unless that is your thing), but we do relate to other human beings.

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