The benefits of online learning


Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days, and we are all equally guilty as we try to cram more and more activities into an already overcrowded calendar. With the ever-present need for skilled people in the workforce, not placing enough emphasis on doing a course has seen experienced and capable people passed over for promotion. These people have looked at alternatives to traditional classroom training delivery to fit their busy schedules and they have found that online learning could be their answer.

The website of the Training Institute of Queensland is quite extraordinary, detailing as it does a range of Certificate IV to Diploma level courses, all designed to be delivered one hundred percent online. Their goal is to provide affordable education to as many people as possible in as many areas as possible, even the most remote and inaccessible. The internet has made this option available to so many people who would not have had the opportunity to up-skill themselves without it.

No set enrolment dates

No defined semesters. At the Training Institute of Queensland, students are able to enrol and begin their studies at any time. There are no set terms or semesters as there are with other learning institutions, so there is no time wasted, waiting for a course to start once, the student has made the decision. With the cost of textbooks for some courses now astronomical, the Institute has kept with its philosophy of delivering affordable education by designing the courses so that all course material is online. Once the student has paid the enrolment fee, there are no other costs involved.

The accessible online courses

Brisbane is proving extremely popular offer because it provides the student with the flexibility to fit the lessons around their already busy lifestyles. With most students working either full or part-time, getting to a traditional classroom at a TAFE is far too difficult. Students who work part-time to fund their courses are often in a casual working arrangement that calls for them to be available for extra shifts at a moment`s notice. Online learning allows them to keep up their hours at work while still fitting in the study at a time that suits them best.

Some students may need a minder

There are a couple of negative aspects of the online study. One is that there is no teacher monitoring individual students to see why they have fallen behind. This is not a concern for the self-motivated student, but anyone who struggles to keep himself or herself organized and focused could need someone, a friend or family member, to keep them on track. The other negative point is that any queries to trainers about course content might not be responded to immediately. This can throw some students off their game, as they are unable to continue without that piece of vital information.

However, these small things can be overcome when compared with the many benefits that online learning brings. For the first time, any student with access to a computer and the internet can enrol in any Institute course and get a nationally recognized qualification. This has to be cause for celebration.



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