Most effective ways to prepare for your exams

Nobody likes examinations, whether it is a high school or a university student. Moreover, exam time brings a lot of unwanted stress with them. To combat the nights and study with their heart, students make coffee and Red Bull their life’s support system.

So, subject tutors share some of the best ways to prepare for your exams in an effective manner. Here we go!

No, we don’t mean that you go to the Himalayas right now and become a hermit. Meditation does not mean that you have to become a yogi and achieve enlightenment. Meditation means focusing your energy and channelising it to improve your concentration in studies. This is the inner secret of a tutor that you now know.

When you close your eyes and concentrate, you clear your mind of irrelevant things. This allows you to take in more information eliminating what you don’t want to fill your mind with.

Use smart reading tactics

We get it, you are already doing it. But, we mean that you should read in an interesting manner. Would you rather spend one hour trying to mug one module while you could understand it all by watching a 5-minute YouTube video? Exactly, become smart. Use the smartphone to its fullest and exploit the technology to your advantage. Online assignment help providers use this technique to improve their research while writing assignments.

Have you ever wondered why you are able to remember the lyrics of a song but not the name of the parts of a human body? Okay, you can say it depends upon interest. However, there is a little bit of science playing around this. The human brain is better at remembering visuals than text. This is why you are able to remember which is your favourite scene from The Dark Knight but not the scientific name for the flower you saw in the garden downstairs.

Revise to better absorb your learnings

Revision is a weapon which can help you win a battle. Like an ace of spades, revision is the weapon you save for the last. Just a night before the exam, while others spend time trying to cram the entire book in their minds for the last time, you should sleep peacefully.

An important thing to remember here is that you will not be able to study well and remember well something which you read out of fear. Thus, sleep peacefully like a baby the night before and let the brain rest. Wake up the next morning, hours before the due time, and open the book. The advantage? You get to revise hours before the exam with a relaxed and fresh mind. As compared to your friends who slept over the information, you will be able to retain the data for a longer duration.

Make notes to save time

Making notes is a healthy practice and acts as a light in the darkness. When everything fails and the exam is just an hour away, you don’t want to waste time searching for something over the internet and try to decode the complex language.

Hence, prepare notes as you read. When you do that, you have an entire collection of important points and information that is crisp, to the point and exactly what you wanted to remember. Also, you can become a God for your friends by sharing these notes with them.

Brainstorm efficient ideas

Brainstorming is effective when you all have studied. It is not a subset of group study, no. When all 4 of your friends have studied the entire module, you should then discuss among yourself.

Discussing generates new ideas and problems that can improve the quality of your study. Additionally, you will get to know 4 different ways of writing the same answer. Isn’t that great if you get 2 questions that are almost similar to their core?

Seven hours sleep

Students of the 21st century are night owls who prefer pulling all-nighters rather than waking up early. Some even do not sleep at all the night before the exam! The most common effect of this is seen when students fall asleep in their examination cabins because their brain is tired and needs to rest.

Our body is not a machine who can work tirelessly. We are made of living cells and tissues that need to be relaxed by sleeping well. To relieve the stress and improve the efficiency of your studies, take a proper sleep of 7 hours the night before the exam.

These tips were brought to you by qualified subject tutors at My Assignment Help OZ so that you can prepare well and efficiently for your upcoming exams.

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