Top web resources for future real estate professionals to read


Technology plays a vital role in a real estate agent’s professional life. As a real estate agent, you might spend most of your time finding new clients. But getting new leads can take a lot of time and money.


For top producers in the industry, they spend their time in selling properties. But what are these people doing that is different from their competitors?


To succeed in the real estate business, you need to understand the industry. There are various web resources that are ideal for future real estate professionals. These resources will help you save time and money as they provide all the resources you need when making an informed decision.

It is the main membership site for the National Association of Realtors. It offers a wide range of details for any person thinking about becoming a real estate professional.


It includes the most recent information on real estate sales and costs, along with projections for the residential and commercial property markets. These projections are prepared by the economic experts of NAR.


It has a news area that sums up significant trends and problems in the industry. Additionally, you may browse RealtorMag that includes how-to information especially written for real estate professionals. Another vital area to access is the study section.


Keep in mind that NAR conducts a study in this industry. It creates a yearly home buyer and sellers profile that reveals the trends of what customers and vendors desire and get out of real estate representatives, what customers desire as regards to home functions, how they look for houses and real estate agents, and a lot of various other vital details. The record is a gold mine as it offers greater than 120 pages every year of graphs and instances.



It is a platform that improves the long-term rental procedure for renters and property owners by offering a clear rental public auction with the capacity to send customized deals. It produces a healthy rental setting where all possible renters could assess competitors and make informed deals.


The blog of Rentberry has a massive amount of quality articles for tenants and landlords. For example, if you are looking for a duplex for rent in the US, the platform offers an in-depth guide on the duplex rental market situation in the nation.


Journal of property management

It is a journal from the Institute of Real Estate Management. It is a bi-monthly magazine that catches the most recent information and understanding of the developing world of real estate. The most current issue explores the city regrowth, the distinctions between asset supervisors and property supervisors.


The complete guide to drones for real estate

Drones are not new to this industry. However, they will come to be a whole lot more widespread in the coming years because of the adjustments revealed by the FAA.


In this longread, the author focuses on the outstanding stats about drones in real estate. We can expect that yearly commercial drone sales will get to 2.5 million units. Real estate is predicted to be among the biggest markets to profit from drone innovation as anticipated by the experts. Listing photos and videos are coming to be a significantly vital part of getting in touch with possible purchasers.


Customers today desire as many details about a property as possible before they make an actual visit. As a real estate property agent, it is your job to gather and offer potential clients the best information possible. This book will aid you in recognizing the need to purchase drone technology as you start your journey as a real estate professional.


Landlord’s tips

The aspiring blog for the landlords, by landlords. It consists of the vast variety of articles on different topics of the real estate industry, from tenant screening to marketing in real estate. Moreover, Landlord’s Tips also offers routine-related articles, like furnishing and choosing tenants.


This blog is also a great place for the beginner real estate professionals and offers a series of articles about the investment opportunities in different cities of US. Also, another completed series of posts includes the articles about real estate marketing and photography, that can help property owners maximize their revenues and overall quality of promotion.


The Wall Street Journal

It is one of the highly regarded papers on the planet. Its real estate team keeps track of the real estate market, home loan market and housing as a whole in a well-balanced, reliable fashion.


Although NAR, in some cases, reports about the real estate market, like a supporter throughout the huge game, the Wall Street Journal does not exclude the pompoms on the sidelines. Rather, it offers informative articles and beneficial strategy for future real estate professionals.


As you regularly read its real estate articles, you could communicate your proficiency to potential customers. The Wall Street Journal offers you that side. It has short articles that could be purposefully utilized to show activities purchasers and vendors ought to think about. It could boost the power of your message.


Content marketing for real estate

Your potential customers typically are simply searching for their next property. They are searching for a source that could aid them in making the best choice. They could browse Google and arrive at an arbitrary post regarding newbie homebuyers. But they could also arrive on your site, which is a better option.


Content marketing enables you to take advantage of your capacity as an influencer and a value-provider. It could aid you in distinguishing yourself from others who are simply wanting to market, sell and offer.


If you want to develop genuine connections with individuals, which all of us understand is more advantageous to your business over time, consider investing in content marketing. To help get started with it, you should consider Content Marketing for Real Estate: 7 Tips for Getting Real ROI. It provides workable ideas that you could use within the first few weeks of working as a real estate professional.


The balance sheet

It supplies information, guidance, and suggestions, as well as an understanding of the significance of calling apartment building properly. It has information for setting up innovation in senior-living centres and how Google Home is transforming home life.



It includes basic real estate information, like headlines regarding market trends and particular happenings in some areas in New York City, etc. Other articles discuss the integrity of online listings and the significance of using technology or disconnecting entirely.


Final thoughts

To be a good real estate professional, you need in-depth details about the market. For that reason, you have to use various resources to help you differentiate yourself from other people. In that way, it will be easier to get prospects.

Author: Shirley Lowe is a successful content creator and real estate industry specialist from San Jose, CA. She is keen on Oriental culture and positive mindset, along with innovative marketing and professional content creation. She blogs for different websites, including Rentberry and Landlord’s Tips.

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