Top 10 Online resources for medical students

Being a medical student can be tough and if you are not organised, it can be even more difficult. It is important to remember that we live in a day and age where we have access to a lot of information. With the internet at our fingertips, we have resources to help in times when we feel like we are not coping. These tools are not going to do the work for you, but they can help in creating a streamlined process.

Before you start using any of these resources, be sure to know what you are needing help with. These resources are created to help you balance your life a bit better. There is nothing wrong with struggling to do a personal statement about psychiatry and everything else that is on your plate. If you are in need of a little help, try out one of these amazing tools.

  1. Scirus

This is the search engine for doctors and scientists. If you are not finding information on your Google searches, or you are not sure if the information is correct, try out this search engine. With over 480 million pages, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The information is not just for medical students, but scientists can benefit from it hugely.


  1. Omni Medical Search

Another great resources website where you will have access to a lot of peer level information is Omni Medical Search. You can add some information that could add value to the website. If you are struggling with a subject and need information to help you come up with a solution, I would give this one a try.


  1. Hardin MD

This resource is richly filled with a lot of information that can help medical students. If you are struggling with that psychiatry residency personal statement you can find some great articles on any topic here. You can also search for health-related issues and find tons of information on most of your searches.


  1. MedicalMatrix

Medical school is an expensive game and any kind of financial help is welcomed. This website offers a lot of free medical textbooks and helpful links when you cannot find what you are looking for.


  1. NCBI Bookshelf

This website was initially created for biology students, but with the rise in popularity, it now includes a lot of medical books as well. If you are in need of some general medical information, I would encourage you to check out the collection they have.


  1. Bright Knowledge

After you complete your studies, you are going to have to start your career. This is the best place to go to for career advice, even if you are still in school. The key to this website was to help students figure out what they want to do career-wise and try to shape solid futures.


  1. Buying Brain

Every student needs financial advice, because this is where they start to set up a solid financial future. Dedicated to helping students learn about savings and investments, is what we need. The fact that this website is dedicated to help students with their finances is amazing and can help you understand finances better.


  1. CDC Stacks

One of my favourite websites has to be CDC stacks because it is easily navigated and does what it says. If you are working on a psychiatry personal statement residency, you are sure to find tons of articles on the topic. These peer articles can help you with what you are dealing with in this moment. There is a lot of information and I am almost certain it’s on every topic searched.


  1. GoodRX

A good doctor has to consider their patients, just like a writer must consider the readers. This website gives you prices on most available medicines. It helps when you are trying to diagnose someone and write out a script for prescribed medicine. If the patient cannot afford to pay for medication, it becomes a senseless exercise.


  1. Osmosis

With a lot of clinical domain practice tests and resources, you cannot go wrong with this website. It’s one of those one stop shops on the internet for medical students.

Author: Karla Long

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