Top 8 Universities in the USA


Going abroad for the study is not very difficult, as it was as a few years ago. You have many more options to choose among when you decide to study in a particular country. One of the best options is USA universities. Those who want to study in the USA face a problem for choosing the university where they should apply. Wherever you want to study in the USA, a top university is not far away. Almost all of the states are represented in the list of nest universities. 8 USA universities are among the top 10 universities in the world. Here, I am telling you about 8 best universities of USA.


Harvard University: Founded in 1636, it is the best-known university in the world and the best old school in the history of USA. It is the standard for measuring other research universities. Its library system includes 79 libraries and is the best academic library in the world. It is famous for arts, humanities, sciences, medical business, and technology. The university produced 47 noble prize winners, 32 heads of state.


The University of California at Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego: California is by far the most represented state among the best American universities with 14 institutions, followed by New York State with 12, Texas with nine and Massachusetts with eight. The 3 campuses of the university of California are well known for academic excellence in the USA. It competes for private universities. It produces more Ph.Ds. annually than other USA universities. The university of California focuses research in various fields.


Stanford University: The university plays a significant part to encourage the high-tech industry develops in the area. It is highly competitive in the world and has access to various research resources. 22 percent students are international. It also has an affiliation with world-class Hoover institution which is leading social, economic and political thank in the USA.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): It has become an outstanding research center in the world for various fields. It is a competent rival of California Institute of Technology (CalTech). Unlikely to other universities, the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at MIT are not wholly separate; many courses can be taken at either level. It has 33 percent of international students from 154 countries. Engineering and technology, physical sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities are mainly focused here.


Princeton University: It has a distinctive social environment including private eating clubs which play the role of dining halls as well as social clubs. More than 25 percent students are international. All students of any level are required to conduct independent research towards completion of the degree. Princeton has no law school, medical school, business school, or divinity school. Instead of developing professional programs, it has self-consciously evolved into a massive, research-driven think tank.


Columbia University: It is the leading university in the metropolitan area of New York. It has 5 distinct campuses in the USA. It is an internationally recognized, elite university.


University of Chicago: It was founded in 1890. Despite being a youngest leading university, it contributed towards many scientific research achievements. It is basically a science university, but also focuses on humanities and social sciences.


Yale University: The University has a significant influence on American politics. The universities have produced 3 presidents. The research centers address topics as varied as writings, bioethics, magnetic resonance research, and the Russian archives.


These are the best universities with respect to academic excellence and you can get higher levels of academic skills for a good career. Let me know if you agree, we can consider changing the list if your proposal is argumented.


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