Modern marketing factors not taught at college

These are not secrets.

These are not marketing gems.

They are not even original.

They are just facts about marketing that you are not being taught in college.

They are things that you learn with experience.

When you learn something new about your professional, post it online and help others the same way this article will teach and help you.


The brown noise

Want to know why some apps fail despite the fact they are pretty good? It is because of their soundtrack. The same is true, albeit more obviously, for videos. When the song is terrible, people do not listen or play. When the soundtrack or effects are annoying, people stop listening, they click off, or in the case of apps, they will stop playing.

The quality of a scream

Speaking of sound and its quality, you know by now that the soundtrack and the effects on a video will affect how watchable it is. People will turn off faster if the audio is bad over if the visuals are bad. However, simply having “good” sound quality is not enough if you want to make an impact. Some horror movies are adding more depth to screams. A great example is the monster roars on the first Jurassic Park. They used noises from hippos, dogs, lions, garbage trucks and other nameless sounds, they mixed them up and made their dinosaur noises with them.

Stuff your pie with more filling

People are not happy with smaller articles and bad list posts on blogs. Even the size of this article is now deemed as too small by Google. People are not looking for e-books in place of blog posts, but they are certainly looking for more content per page. Slideshows are currently the most hated online phenomena at the moment, which means in terms of annoyance, they are now deemed more annoying than pages that don’t load, pop-up and auto-start videos. People want more on their page, such as what they get with an average Wikipedia page. If you are truly stuck for deep-research content, then try a company such as, since they are a great source of new content.

People watch a crazy man more than a normal one

You do not need fireworks to make people pay attention. You do not have to be insulting, and you do not have to fight with people online or make outrageous comments. You simply need to “NOT” be the same as everybody else. If you do not know this by now, then look at the TV. You can probably name around five different talent shows, maybe 20 different shows featuring a couple living together that are very different, and maybe 5 cooking shows.

On the other hand, how many shows can you name that have yellow characters? How many can you name where flat animated kids insult celebrities and say the things we dare not? How many shows have starships full of different races and aliens? You do not have to be weird to be different, you just have to “not” be what the others are. There is a subtle but powerful difference.

Beware of the yuck factor

If you are placing advertisements, or your advertisements are being placed, you need to avoid the yuck factor with a keen and strong diligence. For example, there are companies out there that are posting advertisements for transsexuals on straight porn websites and they are scaring men away. There are advertisements for doggy poop scoopers on recipe websites, and people are flocking away from the website in droves. It usually happens because a keyword mixes with the keywords in the website and it creates this problem.

For example, when looking for sexy television girls, a website may have keywords that says “TV girls,” and TV is also short for transsexual. A woman on a recipe show may have a show about making food from the doggie bags full of food she brings home from the restaurant, and so their affiliate advertisers churns out dog-related advertisements that relate to dogs and bags (such as those you collect poop in).

Stop punishing users that care about their computers

There is a certain search engine that rhymes with “Frugal” that started active scripting on their image-search function. As a result, the people that have desktop computers with their security settings set up high can no longer click on images or see them with certain web browsers. There are also websites that punish computers that do not allow cookies and pop-ups by automatically redirecting them to advertisements instead of letting them click on videos. Stop punishing people that care about their computers if you want to sell to them. Stop treating your potential customers as if they are the enemy just because you haven’t fooled them into buying yet.


By Peter Lee

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