Role of artificial intelligence in employee training


Though artificial intelligence is in the infant stage, it is already influencing many business professionals around the globe and driving them to make better strategic decisions. Artificial Intelligence is making new strides and playing a crucial role in transforming HR practices, reforming the organizational structure, and building new business models. This is according to the Human Capital Trends Report of Deloitte for the year 2017. This report draws on surveys from over 10,000 business and HR leaders in 140 nations.

Today, the corporate training departments in various organizations should also look at how much training employees require and how to address their individual styles of learning. The lack of development opportunities is the major reason why most employees are not achieving their full potential. From the management perspective, most corporate departments are failing to meet their employees’ learning needs. By this, we can imagine the position of corporate learning and development today. So, the immediate question here would be, how can the corporate training departments address the issues related to employee training and provide more opportunities for effective training and development in the workplace? These employee training issues can be addressed by introducing innovative technologies that greatly benefit employee training.

The organizations can access intelligence and insights about a learner from by incorporating artificial intelligence technology into their corporate training programs, and steer corporate learning initiatives. Artificial intelligence customizes the material according to the learning needs of every user separately. With artificial intelligence, the training content is catered to the needs of the employee. There are many areas of training in which AI can have it’s impact.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning refers to a diverse variety of instructional approaches, learning experiences, strategies, and a variety of programs that address the distinct cultural backgrounds, weaknesses, aspirations, interests, and learning preferences of the individuals.  One of the most well-known artificial intelligence applications in training employees is personalized learning. AI can be used to determine the learning areas in which the learner is finding it difficult to understand and before moving to the next module, retrain in a different way and then retesting the learner. The employees are finding this kind of learning very helpful as they can gain on all the learning modules. This is fast becoming the way to attract talent.


The learning systems used in corporate training can adapt to a topic’s specific knowledge of each user and test him/her through frequent, short multiple-choice games and quizzes that are developed with AI. These are part of the advanced programs involved in training your staff to measure the efficiency of training they acquired. Not only these are basic Q&A sessions but also can adapt themselves based on individual employee’s needs and progressions.

Updating of training programs

In many of the training programs that get delivered to employees, frequent changes are needed as most of them can’t be perfect in the first go. When the programs contain digital element in them, it is quite time-consuming and expensive to make frequent changes to them. Based on the nature of your industry and the size of your organization, the training programs in your organization must get updated at least once in a month. AI will make this happen as it collects information about the nature of learning of an employee and the areas where he/she struggles, and tests the new changes to try and resolve the problem.

Improves overall employee experience and reduces costs

The way employees get trained using the model of learning using AI will enhance their skills thereby improving the overall productivity of the business. Also, the employee can get relevant and valuable information at the time when he/she needs. With AI, the number of training sessions led by instructors are reduced by half. This reduces the overall cost of a corporate training program.


So, with the help of AI, major tasks in employee training can get automated. Learning AI is quite beneficial for people who want to take up corporate training. Learning is a phase that employees go through all through their career. Thus, we should understand what AI models we should use in our organization to gain maximum benefits from AI enabled employee training programs.



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