10 Reasons why learning can be easy


The title of this post seemed impossible?

How can learning be simple?

Relax – you can discover the simplicity behind the learning process if you take a positive approach. First of all, you need to make a difference between studying and learning.

When you’re studying, you take information and you memorise it. Learning, on the other hand, is related to research and discovering things that make you realise how awesome our world is.

Learning is fun!

The following 10 resources will help you make learning simpler than ever.


Learning starts with gathering information you like. What if you discover a great online resource, but you don’t have time to read it right now? You put it in the Pocket – your collection of educational articles, videos, and any other type of content. When you have enough time for reading, you can access the resources from any device.


You want to learn something that’s not being taught at school? That’s exciting, but where do you find reliable sources? Alison is a great site that offers free online courses in different categories. Pick your subject and start your journey through the world of learning.


This is a tool that helps you discover ideas and discuss them with your team. It’s great for team projects, since your group can work together at any time. Kindling enables you to communicate with your team, discuss the ideas and choose the best ones before you move on to the other stages of the project.


Students from all over the world use flashcards when they want to remember the information they read. This simple method helps you relate the concept with a visual impression. With StudyBlue you can easily create your own flashcards for free. However, you can also explore the base of study materials and start learning without losing time.


A great part of your studies is linked to academic or creative writing. You need to compose essays, research papers, book reports, and other types of content. Before you get to the stage of writing, you are supposed to learn tons of information about the topic at hand. If that’s not a possible goal to achieve before the deadline, you can count on ScholarAdvisor – an online service that makes this part of your studies easy.

Just provide the instructions for your project, and you’ll start working with a professional writer, who will take care of your paper. During the process, you’ll understand what academic writing is all about.


When you have to memorize a very detailed lesson, it’s hard to keep all those facts in your head. For example, a history lesson comes with tons of dates and numbers that you can’t remember. A mind map can make things easier for you.

This online tool allows you to create free mind maps, which will help you find the links between different pieces of information and memorize them without effort.

Academic Earth

At this website, you’ll find free classes and videos for different degree levels. If you skipped a lecture at school or you simply didn’t understand what your teacher was talking about, this is the online resource you need. Professors from leading universities have made contributions to this base of knowledge, so you can relax knowing that the information is relevant.


If you want to be a more efficient learner, you have to gain time-management skills. You should organize your day in a way that allows you to study lesson by lesson, so you won’t end up with tons of material to cover before the exams. Nirvana is a tool that helps you become more productive. It’s a task manager that helps you organize your time according to priorities.

Strict Workflow

This is a Chrome extension that helps you stay focused during an online research. When you’re using the Internet to learn new information, it’s hard to keep your attention on the given task when you’re distracted by Facebook, Twitter, and other pages. You can use Strict Workflow to block the access to these sites during working sessions. You’ll get a 5-minute break after each working session of 25 minutes, so you’ll get small doses of relaxation.


It’s hard to learn a foreign language in a classroom full of noisy students. That’s why Duolingo is so effective – this app helps you learn at your own pace. The lessons and tests are very effective, since they are tailored in a way that follows your progress.


Are you ready to make learning more exciting than ever?

Start exploring the resources described above!

And share them with your friends!


By Peter Lee