How to write an academic essay?

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Everyone dreams of writing exceptional essays and academic work. Students aspire to become great writers so they can achieve their aims and milestones in different subjects. Trying to manage a good grade is what every student dreams of and looks forward to finding, but they always end up without it just because they cannot write well or the essay is too complicated for their understanding. Writing an essay with exceptional writing skills means two things. First is that you should be prepared to write on a difficult topic through your knowledge and research, the second is to make sure you have done some pre-writing activities that will help you get into the groove of writing well.

Pre-writing activities become more important when you are writing after a long time; this is true for students who are new to their term or starting a fresh term after the holidays. When you do not write for a long time, you struggle to understand the topic, tailor your mind accordingly and write.This is when the importance of pre-writing and drafting becomes even higher. It is always recommended that you pre-write before you actually start to write a formal essay. Pre-writing is just like warming up before a tough football game so your engines are ready to hit hard and running. Today’s blog is going to talk about some different pre-writing and drafting activities before you submit your complicated essay.


Just like there is no fix regime for warming up your body before a tough game, there is no strict rule to pre-writing. Free writing is one of the best ways to pre-write and get your writing groove on. Free-writing involves simply writing for five to ten minutes about whatever that is going on in your mind. The idea is not to restrict yourselves by any quote, requirement or question, but just explore the thoughts of your mind and keep on writing without any pauses. It is like a rapid fire questioning round, where you cannot stop for a moment.


Once you have pre-written your work, see the kind of ideas that are relevant for your essay and the ones that can be explored. If you find nothing, then there is nothing to be worried about. You can then focus your pre-writing on a more concentrated idea. Filtering helps you develop ideas from your sub-conscious mind rather than from forced thoughts of your own.


Before drafting your essay work, research is an important practice. Even if you think you know everything about the topic, research will not harm you, but in fact provide you new angles and perspectives about the same topic that you might not know of.

Evaluate and proofread

Finally, your first draft must be ready by now, evaluate the kind of work you have done without any briefs in mind. See what is relevant and can be taken as part of your formal writing, proofread for any mistakes you think you might have done and then get started with finishing your essay work.

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