A Guide to catchment areas in Cambridge

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With one of the world’s greatest universities and a fabulous shopping area with boutiques, bars and nightclubs, it is easy to see why so many people aspire to live in Cambridge. In the United Kingdom, Cambridge is a city that is widely established and recognised as featuring some of the top educational institutions throughout Europe. Not only that, but plenty of famous actresses, actors, writers, artists and musicians have their cultural roots in Cambridge, and it is fascinating to learn about this history. One aspect that is particularly interesting is Catchment areas and their importance in education.

Catchment areas in Cambridge In Cambridge, many parents are concerned about the well-being of their children and providing an excellent education to them. One of the ways in which children may be admitted to the best schools in Cambridge is through residence in a particular area. The best way for parents to go through the process of admitting their children to schools in a catchment area is to first determine which schools interest a parent and his or her children. There are over one-hundred primary and secondary schools in and around Cambridge so it is easier for parents to simply select schools and then apply to them.

Competitive application process Some schools in Cambridge will only receive applications from parents within particular catchment areas. One option that parents have is to rent properties from a landlord within a particular catchment area. There was one case in which a family living in a multi-million pound home decided to rent a three-bedroom flat so that the children could attend their chosen school. Renting can be a better option than buying a property in some instances. When you are moving to Cambridge, a Cambridge removals company may be able to help you with your move.

Famous individuals from Cambridge Olivia Newton-John and Rebecca Mader are a couple examples of famous actresses who grew up in Cambridge. Katya Gardner is another who also has her roots in Cambridge. Roger Waters, Ralph Brown and Steven Mackintosh grew up in Cambridge. Famous writers like C.S. Lewis and John Boynton Priestley made it a point to receive their education in Cambridge. Oliver Cromwell, one of Europe’s most recognsed politicians, also spent time pursuing his education in Cambridge.

Renting properties early in Cambridge It is a smart idea for parents who desire for their children to attend particular schools to look for rental housing well before the school year. It is a wise decision to establish a residency close to the location of a school. When you are moving to Cambridge, it is important to realize that many other parents also want their children to attend the best schools. A Cambridge house clearance company can help you in the process of searching for the rental properties that will provide you with a great opportunity for enrolling children in the excellent schools of Cambridge. Families who get started early in finding schools in the catchment areas of Cambridge will likely put their children in a position for success in the future.

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