Mental Sheath purification and advancement

We are witnessing the miracles of our intellectual capabilities at every moment of our ordinary social dwelling.

An alert intellectual individual marches ahead in his or her chosen field with great success. Banging opposite to the people with weak intellects, lags behind in various areas, despite being blessed with conducive circumstances. To solve the problems of our lives and attain benefits of soul glory, a radiant mind is most required.

These elements are spread out widely in the entire body via the nervous system and the brain is the chief center. In spiritual parlance, this widespread knowledge is known as the Mental Sheath.

It is a common fact that for intellectual advancement, schools and other mediums of education are utilized.  The spiritual methods used for advancing the mental conscious center, are based on spiritual practices and with its help the mental energy is purified and evolved.

Spiritual practices for the advancement of the Mental Sheath is like the bloody Mahabharat war, wherein one wards off the taints and distortions which have entered our intellectual arena. Along with this, is conjoined the firm resolve (Sankalp) to establish Ram’s rule or a righteous world government. In this sense we give due thought to discipline and self control.

In ancient times, wind, bile, phlegm, indigestion, blockage of feces, change in weather, attack of venomous germs etc., were thought to be causes of various diseases among the people.  However, modern researches says that the mental center fully controls our body and diseases based on external causes are nothing but the desire of the life force of our body.

These diseases can be cured with common remedies. But still, intense diseases are generally a result of mental distortions that cannot be cured merely by medicines, but with assistance of mental purification.

This is the chief cause not only of bodily diseases, but also of mental illnesses.  It has been proven that an individual, who executes vile actions due to a vile intellect, not only faces bodily diseases, but also undergoes mental illnesses.

Maybe such a person does not turn mad yet, because of a certain amount of imbalance, but she or he remains semi-agitated.  These people undergo pain for no reason and for no reason they inflict pain on others.  Such a person’s mental state is pitiful, even if one merely sees such a person, one feels intense turmoil.

In comparison to people with bodily diseases, not only that the number of people with mental taints is infinitely more, but the pain is more severe.

The method of curing such illnesses does not fully lie in hospitals, but is dependent on purification of the mind.

Definitely the cures can take place in other ways, but on the basis of Spiritual Science this can be more successfully overcome via sanctification of the Mental Sheath and other spiritual practices.

Namely, nerves conjoined to the brain are spread out in the entire body.  Through them an intricate ëmachineí i.e. the brain functions occurs.  The action power, experiences of the sense organs open up in the brain.  The sense organs (apparatus) can gather information and send it to the brain center.

When one undergoes mental agitation, the entire body loosens itself and one’s power of actions too lags behind.

One’s face becomes sad when one faces fear, worries, sorrow, despair etc. and the entire body tends to collapse.

If one studies the body language of a person who is extremely furious, all her or his bodily parts get excited and agitated with great intensity. Person full of agitation keeps losing bodily weight and can be seen to die at a very young age.  This tell us that, rather than the influence of food, rest, water etc. on our body, it is the influence of our mental state that is infinitely more intense.

Via the body’s muscular groups and tubeless glands, the sentiments are active.  Our entire body is full of muscular networks where the ordinarily muscles are white in color and are gross like wires.  All our organs work with the help of muscles, and the main muscle that reaches every organ is as gross as a rope.  Its branches and sub-branches become more and more thin, where many sub-branches are as thin as a cotton fiber.

Every muscular network has voluntary and involuntary segment, where the center of the involuntary muscles living in the brain is called hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus controls the male and female glands, an enzyme called dopamine oxidase, activates the pituitary gland and the various hormones which are reactions of our sentiments. With the creation of the new circumstances the tubeless glands are pressurized, thus they secrete new hormones that react variedly in the body

To illustrate, let’s suppose the pituitary gland secretes a hormone due to the pressure of a germ of a disease. It will result in intense turbulence in the body, where the person becomes uneasy and falls down on the bed. In this state of illness, all the sentiments hoarded in the sub-conscious mind start manifesting externally, and as a result of these processes one sees varied reaction based symptoms in the body.

Mental Sheath is present in the brain, as its central action office. Its subtle parts i.e. its branches and sub branches are spread all over the body, where the cells of the brain are more wise and experienced than cells of other organs.  They are called the leaders of all cells of the body, moving in a particular direction, the other cells follow suit.  If we want the body to remains healthy, joyful, zealous and progressive, it is most required that the brain too is of that stature.  If the leader keeps despairing and experiences anguish, one can not aspire for advancement. This is why the state of a leader whether positive or negative, definitely influences his /her followers.

Dr. Fenkel, a psychologist of Vienna thinks that the mental state influences one’s bodily health, and with this the cause of our mental balance is the true achievement of life.

He believes that if a person is unaware of the true goal of life and its activities, he can never remain healthy.  The basis of a blissful life is attainment of the true goal of human life.  Dr. Fenkel’s Logotherapy encompasses discussion of topics liked/disliked by his patient, so as to inspire him to walk on the path of the true goal of human life.

As soon as one understands the true goal of human life, one concentrates the mind on the energies present within. Thus one imbibes steadfast faith in himself and starts regaining good health.  If the mental state is healthy, it can help the physical body to regain good health.

Numerous research studies of indicate that if one’s mind / intellect are agitated, that person experiences pain. Hatred, jealousy, greed etc. definitely also affect a person in a big way and vice versa – when the intellect experiences bliss, all bodily cells too rejoice. All these cells experience oneness between themselves. If one cell experiences pain /joy, other cells too get influenced by sharing their joys and sorrows.  Their mutual relationship of oneness is amazing!

Dr. Bennett writes that the Mother Nature controls the human body in such a manner that every cell of the body, which lives for 90 days is disposed off from the body via bodily dirt, just as the dirt in the sea is taken to the shores by flow and ebb of tides.  Old age means the activity of cell transformation, which gets depleted as one starts aging. Based on one’s emotions the network of veins in our brain either spread out widely, or shrink in size and thus manifest sensitive reactions.

The unhealthy thoughts give rise to bodily diseases – right from an ordinary headache to an intense one called migraine. The veins contract and thus the headaches start all over again.  Today, it has been observed that the cause of 85% of headaches is sentimental tension.

Muscular diseases result of emotional tension, show symptoms of belching, stomach heaviness, wind based distortions along with those of the skin, eczema, itching etc.

But, despite knowing that majority of today’s diseases are the result of emotional stress, a major question arises as to how does one tackle emotional stress?

The answer is simple-imbibing a wise viewpoint in ones’ daily routine.

But be aware that without practice this can never be fully imbibed.

The spiritual practices pertaining to the Mental Sheath cleans the brain and makes it more advanced, cultured and sacred.

The Mental Sheath encompasses the entire bodily and psychic arena, influencing both the areas.  Because it is in a disarranged and distorted state in the psyche, its reaction is in the form of a destructive influence on the bodily and psychic area.

When our individuality is turbulent, our viewpoint and actions get tainted and our activities turn vile. Under these circumstances, only agitations and strife are witnessed.  Many obstructions will crop up, chaos and danger will attack us.

Without transforming our inner character, we cannot come out of this situation, without overcoming obstacles in our daily lives, we cannot elevate ourselves. We cannot overcome external circumstances without changing our minds.

The Mental Sheath blesses us with various types of skills and successes.

We witness that sometimes certain special people have extraordinary mental capabilities, the memory of certain people is so advanced that others can only be wonderstruck.  Some people manifest skills at a very young age and gain immense name and fame.

The answer to this extraordinary talent is that the Mental Sheath of such individuals is highly activated as they have collected so much talent from their previous births, that it is manifesting at a very young age in this birth.  As per the Theory of Karma (Action) man comes into this world with psychic imprints (Sanskars) of innumerable past births and with this the Mental Sheath of such talented people is more evolved.

Behind all these amazing events, the secret is that the scattered mind gets focused, which coincidences that these types are based on certain cosmic laws.

Attainments of past births play a major role in such causes, as one enters this world along with psychic imprints (Sanskars) of innumerable births, amongst which it could be the intellectual evolution.  This evolution is not just the result of school education or teachings of close relatives, but an increase in informative knowledge.  If the flow of electrical energy of a powerful brain turns in the direction of a weak brain, an intense change takes place in its sharpness and this can be seen as a rise in the measure of special proteins of the brain.

For the purpose of intellectual nourishment, the proximity of thinkers with an advanced consciousness is very useful.  Their powerful vital force can fulfill the lack of a weak brain.  The vital force of the radiant people can influence the mental state of weak-minded people in a permanent manner.

Yale resident Dr. George Delgodo, a brain specialist, has proven via his researches that the brain can either be activated or made more latent by directing external electricity towards it and in this manner a person can be induced to carry out various tasks and commands.

The act of evolving the area of the brain not only purifies the brain area, but also influences the other parts of the body. As the intelligence and radiance are 2 sides of mental alertness, the mental alertness can be seen right from birth itself, as a result of spiritual capacities gathered from innumerable previous lives.  Further on, it can be augmented by undergoing spiritual practices.  By imbibing the spiritual practice of purification of the Mental Sheath, one can enter this area.

The amazing powers of the mind, have been researched by the scientists, who have carried out various research studies. One of them was from The Psychological Research Committee that has published all the data in a book called The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death.  In here numerous examples of small children, who were skillful in fields like mathematics, music, art etc. that even their teachers could not match them in their talent were given. The attainments of past lives are proof of the independent existence of the soul they explain.

America’s material scientist, Dr. Stevenson has gathered 600 examples in which children up to the age of 14 years have given proof of the events of their past births, out of these 170 were Indian children.

The principle of attainments via spiritual practices works in all areas of life.  Everyone knows that hard work reaps rich dividends, this is why people take up various tasks in this world – because they are convinced that any action will definitely give fruits.  This also holds true for the spiritual practices. If it is based on spiritual precepts and carried out systematically, one will definitely reap rich fruits.

In order to awaken/purify the Mental Sheath, concentration and meditation are of great importance. As a result of this, one’s Sankalpa (power of resolve) becomes steadfast and we focus intensely on our goal.  Benefits like advancing of the intellect and activation of brilliance in one’s character too are attained.



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