Marriage becoming a difficult business!

The world has never owned such opulence of womanly character, a splendor of womanly manners or multitudinous instances of wifely, motherly, daughterly, sisterly devotion, as it owns today.

There are no words to express my admiration for good womanhood. Woman is not only man’s equal, but the affectionate and religious nature, which is the best part of us.

As you may see, nowadays it is easier for a man to find an appropriate wife, than for a woman to find a good husband!

According to a New York Times analysis of census results, in 2005, there were 51 percent of women who stated that they are living without a spouse, whereas in 2000 this figure was 49 percent in 1950 and 35 percent in 1950.

There are multitudes of women, who have never been married and still greater multitude of them, who got married but change back to be single. Marriage has become a difficult burdening business, especially for women.

First, it can be considered a matter of arithmetic. Statistics show that globally there are about 105-107 boys born for every 100 girls, however after the age of 40 women outnumber men. In 2003, the US Census Bureau estimated a total of 144,513,361 females of all ages, compared to 138,396,524 males in the United States.

The statistics would seem like the women are “favorite” with the Lord, and therefore He has made woman kind live longer and stronger. By mathematical and inexorable law, you see, millions of women will never marry.

The second reason lies in the shortage of good husbands and the compatible match. There are thousands of men who have no right to marry, because they have become so corrupt of character, that their offer of marriage is an insult to any good woman, not to mentioned the consequences of such behavior to the children.

Third, during the last 40 years, through the increased opportunity opened for female through education, in many countries all over the world, women are receiving better and higher education, increasing the level of knowledge, which was not the case half a century ago or way ahead in the past.

Based on 1971 census, in the US 68% of 25-to-29-year-old university graduates were male. Ten years later, women had more or less caught up with the men as only 54% of graduates were male. By 1991, women had become the slight majority, comprising 51% of graduates. In the 2001 census, universities had clearly become the domain of women, as they made up 58% of all graduates. The figures are going in favor of women.

If woman continue to advance in mentality at the present ratio, men may have difficulty in finding a woman who is going to be their match on intellectual and emotional level.

This is becoming a global issue. In Europe, England, Japan, China, more and more woman find out marriage is becoming a difficult business for them! Facing such global matrimonial unbalance between men and women, what is your opinion, what will you do?

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