Can a dream tells us the Future?


Undoubtedly much has been written regarding dreams and their meanings or purpose.

Mankind has been fascinated with our dreams since the first dreamer awoke and have been wondering about what their visions meant.

Since ancient times we have looked to our dreams to find the signs of what our future holds.  The first written dreams that the human kind is aware of were in 4000 BC, whereas the earliest writings we have on dreams are primarily texts on their religious and spiritual significance.

Most people spend an average about one third of their lives asleep. During this time our dreams are a real part of us, but too often they are disregarded. Dreams can sometimes give an insight and understanding of our personal lives. They will help us understand our past, present, and sometimes our future. All we need to do is to pay attention to our dreams and get to know them.

It is a fact that the dreams can hold a message for the future.

You probably know that we have different types of dreams: often they consist of imagery from our most pressing thoughts and/or personal experiences, sometimes they can be special, or can communicate with us if we allow them too. All we need to is listen and analyze.

I believe that there we can differentiate main types of prophetic dreams:

  1. those dreams that come to us from our “deeper” self, that is much more aware of certain things than we are on a conscious level, and
  2. those who may potentially have come from an “outside” source.

Here is one example from my own dream experiences:

Awhile ago I dreamed of death, but all I could remember from the dream was seeing a hand laying in gravels. The most noticeable thing was the ring on the hand, that was on my hand. I have recognized it without any doubt. Even though this was the only image I could recall from the nightmare, I was sure that the dream was about a death, and could feel it strongly when I woke up. I had almost forgotten the events of the dream, but the emotions were still vivid.

The ring was an Paternity ring made very similar to a class ring. After I had the dream I never wore it again, as I have uncomfortable feeling. Eventually, I sold it to a friend who had attended the university. Then out of the blue, a few years later I received a call – my friend had been murdered, found laying in rocks and dirt with that ring on her hand.

Did my dream forewarn me of this event? I would say that it is a possibility. I ask myself  what was the dream trying to communicate to me? I assume that the dream was about my death, I also assumed that the ring was somehow a participant in my death, so this is why I stopped wearing the ring as though that would prevent the warned death. Maybe the dream was simply telling me that my friend would die with that ring on his hand.

Whenever we have a dream that we consider to be “prophetic” or to have a “meaning”, we faced the difficult task of interpreting just what the dream means. Dream Symbols most often have very definite meanings but these meanings can vary widely from one person to the next, therefore we cannot rely too much on definitions given in Dream Symbol Dictionaries.

To understand the meaning of the symbols within our own dreams, we must come to a better and deeper understanding of ourselves. We have to learn what these symbols mean to us, because that is how our dreaming mind sees them.

You have to know that anything within your dream can be a symbol. As with all other dream symbols, they can also have a different meaning for the same person at different times in their life. You also have to look at the symbol in the context that it appeared at.

Try to remember what other symbols were present in the dream.

In any case, the best way to gain a better understanding of what your dream symbols mean to you, is to develop your own dream symbol dictionary. A good advice is to keep as detailed of a dream journal as you can. Don’t just write down a narrative of what occurred, but clearly record your feelings and emotions too. Continue to write in your journal and re-read your previous entries. In this way  you will begin to see parallels with your dreams and your life. Gradually, you will be able to recognize what the symbols in your dreams are really saying to you.

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