Which is the best online university for you?

You are probably aware that the enhancement of internet technology leads to rapid growth of online education.

Having said this it is a fact that online degree programs are increasing in popularity and creditability, where more and more online universities are available on internet offering degrees from Bachelor to MBAs and PhD and Subject areas range from business to nursing.

There are so many information and options available on online universities that sometimes it can be really difficult to choose which online university to enroll for your degree program.

Having said this, if you decide to earn your degree online, the first question that comes out to your mind can be – which is the best online university for you?
There are three criteria that you should be aware and stick to: marketability, usability and class quality.

These can be used as your key determination factors to find the best online university for you.


If you pursue a degree for a better career future, the degree from a well recognized and good reputation online university is essential to ensure your degree is marketable by itself.

For example, employers regard the students coming out of University of Phoenix Online as prepared for the job market and as a result, a degree from University of Phoenix Online, confers marketability.

You should know that DeVry University is one of the oldest and most widely recognized online universities. Like the best of its competitors, DeVry is fully accredited and offers an excellent reputation. Other advantage of University DeVry is that it offers students physical locations where, in addition to their online studies, they can take classes. A degree from DeVry University is well recognized by most of employers and it is more marketable, compared to a degree from other online university.

Other good reputation and well known online universities by the job marketing include:


You have to have in mind that a good online class teaching system is important to ensure a smooth learning environment. In most online universities, lecturers and students the communication is through classroom chat, webcams, message system, e-mail etc. The most common inconvenient issues found by the online students are:

  • The classroom chat can be tedious
  • The webcams can malfunction.

Capella University has taken the initiative to over those issues and implemented a new system called iGuide System to replace the tedious classroom chat and malfunctioning webcams of old. Students consistently report good experiences with their iGuide system.

Class quality

When I talk about class quality, DeVry University is exceptional. With it physical campuses over 70 locations throughout US to supplement it online classes and it unique online learning system, DeVry is uniquely able to offer students a wide array of classes and majors.

University Phoenix Online is another recognized online university which provides good class quality to the students. A low ratio on students-to-lecturer ratio has enabled a better attention and guidance by each lecturer to their online students.


There are many good online universities and their number is increasing. In each good online university there has to be pros and cons against their competitors.
However, in order to maximize the investment on your education, you must choose the best online university, which primarily meets your career goals.
My advise will be to spend some of your time to read the review your short listed online universities, before make up your decision.

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