Proper e-waste disposal and green environment

With the rise in the invention of the new electronic devices, e-waste is becoming one of the rapidly growing problems of the world. E-waste contains toxic material that can affect to both human health and the environment if not disposed in a proper way. In 21st century, all countries engage in activities that ensure a secure environment by proper use and disposal of electronic devices. Proper e-waste not only keeps the environment healthy, but also stables the economy.

As many companies are running recycle plants to reuse the electronic components in order to cut their production cost. If you want to know more about the relation of proper e-waste and healthy environment, you should review the information shared below.

Saves natural resources

E-waste contains many reusable elements such as aluminum, copper, silver, plastics, and other metals. These elements can be reused by a proper recycling process to save the natural resources and the cost of production. Recycling plants allow manufacturers to reuse valuable materials that are present in old electronic devices to make new products. In this way manufacturer doesn’t need to extract natural resources from the ground and save resources for future generation. When we extract natural resources from the ground, we leave it less for the next generation.

Protects human health

Used monitors, laptop, tablet, and other electronic devices that are not disposed properly have the potential to negatively affect the environment and human health. E-waste contains lead, mercury, barium, cadmium and other harmful material that can dreadfully affect the environment if not disposed in a proper manner. A recent study has proved that old electronic components can lead to bone weakness, brain swelling and damage to the kidney, heart and other organs. This study also proves that pregnant women and unborn children can also affect by the rays of improperly dispose electronic device. Therefore, proper disposal techniques are vital to eliminate health and environmental hazard.

Leads to energy efficiency

When e-waste is disposed by recycling, it reduces the consumption of energy. Recycling method consumes 90 percent less energy than the development process of electronic devices from the scratch level. This activity saves hundred thousands of dollars that can increase manufacturer revenue and reduce pollution that is caused by the generation of electricity. We all know that electricity is generated by large turbines that are dependent on the great supply of oil. Fewer use of energy means fewer extraction of ground oil that decline air pollution and saves the environment.

Provides social benefits

Old equipment can be donated to other people who can’t afford it. Many less developed countries depend on the electronic disposal of developing countries for economic activities. Proper disposal plays an important role in helping the poor countries to gain access to technology. Additionally, donations of used laptop, desktop computers and other digital devices provide help to a large number of nonprofit organizations. Moreover, e-waste creates employment opportunities as manufacturers need to employ more people to run their recycle plants.

In closing, by realizing the benefits to the environment due to proper e-disposal, it could be said now that there is a strong relation between proper e-waste disposal and green environment. We should recognize and implement proper disposal techniques to conserve our natural resources and environment.

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