Tablets or smartphones in education?

There are a plethora of reasons why tablets are preferred over Smartphone, cost-benefits, better engagements and social networking possibilities and economy being some of them. Besides, it would to be earthy possible to type  a 10-page thesis on smartphone, but could be easily done in a tablet without much fuss. This paper would lay bare some of the other reasons why students and educators nowadays prefer tablets as a better option when compared to Smartphones in the domain of education.

1. Pricing is indeed a major factor especially for students on limited pocket money.  A good Smartphone with loads of apps cost even twice or thrice as a good tablet, without even getting some of the better features of the latter. It would indeed take some time for smartphones to have screen sizes of tablets, plus its cool functionality.

2.Tablets could be shared, but in most cases, smartphones are not shared: it is found that while some students cannot invest in tablets, they could share it with more fortunate college mates who have one, the same cannot be said about smartphones which is a highly individualized and personal device, which one would hate to share even with one’s closest buddies.

  1. While tablets do not offer Short Mail Services(SMS) that smartphones offer them,  you could type 10 pages flat in them which is not possible in phones, and perform a great deal of social networking, engagements and private/public services that are otherwise not available on a smartphone.
  2. While smartphones are always with students, in classrooms or outside, the use of  tablets are only for specific uses and data assimilation and are not as portably used as perhaps Smartphones are.
  3. In education, tablets are also used for connectivity, smartphone’s having both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity while 3G for tablets comes as add-on feature and would cost more to install and maintain.
  4. One attractive reason why tablets are more popular with students is the social networking is much advanced in tablets than in mobiles. With larger screen space, a great deal of activities can be done, which may be limited in mobile phones.
  5. Communications on mobile is time limited and of short duration, due to costs and other factors. But time spent on tablets could be more and larger add-on feature uses could be made  use of, like video, chat, internet surfing for longer time, music, Bluetooth and the like. There are indeed a great deal more features for tablets than for mobile phones.
  6. Battery life is higher for tablets when compared to mobile devices. Constant and random use of phone could endanger the health of its battery and reduce its life span. But this does not hold good in case of tablets. When in comes to battery duration, tablets steal the cake from mobile devices and this is another good reason for its immense popularity among student communities, who prefer tablet for all kinds of academic related works.
  7. Learning and academic experiences could be further perpetuated by tablets which are more technologically equipped and have larger size when compared to  Smartphones.
  8. Use with ioS and other operating systems, Android Gingerbread worth dual core processors and a wide arrayof needed and not much needed features and functions do constitute the core of tablets. Being essentially a cross between desktops/laptops, and mobile phones, it does offer a range of benefits to any user.

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