The 5 most important web design tips, EVER!

You may think it’s time to shift from building your business to expanding your business.

To do that, you need to get started with online marketing. You need to have a clear idea of SEO, PPC, e-mail, social media and design. These are the major element of Online Marketing, simply because it drags the visitor to choose your website as its visible in the search results and other places on the web. Like we know that by using sub-headings and headings in a proper manner you can continue the engagement. This is possible as search engine figure out the specific content areas related to different headings and decides on the page topical focus. There is a place and time for every specification as along with the benefits you need to tell them how it can help them achieve their goals and make their life better.

It might be nice to step up from the initial brand building process, and market your website. But who knew you will have to go back to initial process to enhance promotion. You may find hundred of tips on the Internet, and choosing the one that suits you best must be hard for you. Here we will be discussing the most essential points out of all.

First impression is the last impression

First impression counts, you have to remember there are millions of websites present on the web. Give something special to the visitors so you get the positive reaction immediately. So, make sure you’re making a good first impression in your website design.


It’s really important to keep it simple. It’s really easy to get caught up when you have graphics here and different colors there. But don’t forget, keeping it simple is the key to make a good first impression. Don’t be afraid of white space, and don’t be afraid to edit.


Now consistency is everything, as your website is the basis of your brand and that’s what you’re building for your online business. Ensure that in your design, your e-mail channels and social channel are consistent. Same colors, same fonts, and same logo are used all over these channels. It builds a consistent brand experience on the web.

Don’t make user think

This one ties with the simplicity factor, but the key here is that you always have to tell your site visitors, where to go, and what to do when they get there? Use clean images, use clean action tabs, so make sure you drive them towards the direction you want them to go to.

Test, Improve, Test

Last but not the least, make sure you are always testing, improving, and then testing again. Even in a new web design which may look fantastic, but until you see how customers react to it, you never really know how effective it is. To keep things clear, ensure you’re testing each element, making improvements, and you’re testing them again after every improvement.

Hopefully these five tips will come out as the most important steps to develop a web design for you and your online business.

Author’s Bio: The author of this article is Allan Perry, She has been a popular author in various E-commerce related niches, including Web Design Dubai & Development. She has been writing for various online blogs and magazines, which have helped her gain an enormous fan-base around the globe.

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