Quote: A color for you

Finding the perfect dress for a special night out is a great stroke of luck, but choosing the perfect color is another matter altogether. It can be tempting to just go with the season’s latest trend, but it is infinitely better to choose a color that reflects your personality. Every color has its own evocative power, and each one says something different about you. Red and purple are both associated with femininity, but while purple has strong connotations of luxury and majesty, red is seen as being a bold and sensual hue. It really is no surprise that red is the universal color of love and lust, or that men regard the color red as a signal of sexual interest. Pink and peach are also very flattering and feminine, and reflect a woman’s sensitive side. So, pick the color that reflects your unique personality best, and let your true self shine.

Colours are not important only in your everyday clothes selection, but they have significant importance in our psychology of living. Check the infographic below for more interesting facts about colors!

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