How Singapore math teaching method was developed?

Singapore math is known as one of the most effective math teaching methods in the world and can be also well adapted to a homeschool math programs. In this article we are going to tell you about the history of the method and also you will know how Singapore math is used nowadays.

Back in history

This unique approach to math teaching was developed in Singapore in 1980s, when Singaporean Ministry of Education decided to create original math program, instead of following methods and applying textbooks created in other countries. The new goal of professional mathematicians and math teachers working on the program was to create a method, which will be most of all focused on problem solving, instead of popular at that time theoretical approach, and would apply model drawing as a strategy allowing students to solve the problems easily.

In 1982 the first textbook applying this new method for elementary students – Primary Mathematics – was created. Ten years later the program was revised in order to put even more emphasis on the problem solving skills.

What were the results?

Singaporeans did not have to wait long for the results. In 1995 for the first time Singaporean students took the leading position in worldwide math performance rankings published by Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. Since then Singaporean kids continue to surprise, winning with other nations and proving that good teaching method really makes a difference.

Since 2003 there has been many attempts to introduce the technique in United States and currently a significant number of schools in the country conduct math lessons based on two most popular textbooks for Singapore Math – Primary Mathematics and Math in Focus. However, there is still a great demand for good math tutor for kids, especially students of 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, for whom the sudden transition to new method is most problematic.

Singapore math methods are especially popular at home teaching as a lot of parents whose children have problems with math hire math tutors to increase their children’s performance. There are also some online resources offering interactive math tutor services following the guidelines of Singapore Math program.

There you can find tutoring courses for children, who go to Singapore math schools, as well as homeschooling exercises for kids attending regular math classes, who are lacking basic math skills and have problems with solving math problems. With Singapore math every student in elementary school get a chance to improve their skills at math and surprise the teachers with their new enhanced math performance.

Many schools offer interactive math help based on Singapore math methods children simply love. Instead of plain textbooks they are provided with interactive exercises and lessons, which present all of the math problems in easy to follow, colorful and fun way. This kind of lessons is popular among elementary students at all ages and they provide equally good results as Singapore math method taught in schools. Usually every section of the course ends with a test, which examines math skills and understanding of math problems.

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