University of People

University of the People (UoP) being the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, degree-granting online academic institution, is dedicated to opening access to higher education globally for all qualified individuals, despite financial, geographic or societal constraints.

UoP is affiliated with the United Nations GAID, the University of People, and Yale Law School ISP, partners with New York University (NYU) to accept students, Microsoft for scholarships, internships and mentoring and with Hewlett-Packard (HP), through the Catalyst Initiative, to provide student internship opportunities.

UoPeople offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration and Computer Science and up to now more than 1500 students from 137 countries have been admitted.

It offers tuition-free online programs, builds a scalable and replicable model capable of changing the very nature of higher education and has succeed in cutting down almost the entire cost of higher education (does not charge for tuition or books/materials.)

All that is asked is that the students pays a one-time application processing fee ($50) and subsequent modest examination processing fees ($100) levied per course. You can also visit their UoP YouTube Channel


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