Royal lessons, regal values: What Disney Princesses can teach George Alexander Louis?

Two royal families have captured the world’s imagination. One is the British Royal Family, whose newest addition is George Alexander Louis, son of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton. The other is the imaginary royal family that the Walt Disney Company has created. And you might be surprised at how many lessons the Disney princesses can impart to young George.

1.) Knowledge is power

Belle, from “Beauty in the Beast,” reads constantly, and becomes weak-kneed at the sight of Beast’s extensive library. Her love of the written word is inspiring, and George will understand the planet he inhabits so much more if he too becomes a lifelong reader.

2.) Commoners are exciting

In “Aladdin,” Jasmine finds that living entirely behind castle walls is stultifying. When she runs away disguised as an average citizen, she finds danger, thrills, and Aladdin, her true love. Everyday society, to her, is as magical as palace life.

3.) Do your own thing

Ariel, in “The Little Mermaid,” consistently defies her father and swims to the ocean’s surface to study humans. She’s fascinated by the people her father despises. Excessive rebellion is probably not a good idea, but if George discovers an all-consuming interest, he should follow that passion, no matter what others tell him.

4.) Defend your nation

In “Mulan,” the title character dresses as a man to take her father’s place in the Chinese army. Prince George may not decide to join the military as Prince Harry, his uncle, did. But he should always be prepared to defend England’s honor, in word and deed.

5.) Be careful whom you trust

Remember when Snow White accompanied the Huntsman into the forest? Well, the Huntsman was ready to do away with her there, and would have had he not experienced a last-second change of heart. There are treacherous people in this world, unfortunately, and George must learn to place his trust in others wisely.

6.) Danger is unavoidable

In “Sleeping Beauty,” the evil Maleficent curses Princess Aurora. Aurora’s parents try to protect her from this “sleeping death” hex, and hide her in the woods with three fairies. Even so, Aurora succumbs to that sinister sleep. The point here is that some problems are inevitable, and hiding from them does little good.

7.) Respect other cultures

In “Pocahontas,” when Europeans arrive and begin forming the Jamestown colony, they’re deeply suspicious of the Native Americans they encounter, and vice versa. Yet Pocahontas displays the wisdom and leadership to broker a peace with those settlers, preventing all-out war. As the United Kingdom can racially and culturally make bounderies, Prince George would do well to likewise make friends of various backgrounds.

8.) Archery is cool

Watch how awesome Merida, from Pixar’s “Brave,” looks when she’s shooting an arrow. If George wants to take up a centuries-old tradition and amaze the media, why not become an archer? Maybe the British Olympic team will come calling.

9.) Get a pet

This lesson comes courtesy of virtually every Disney movie. Animal companionship is ennobling. Just consider all the Disney princesses who found help from loyal birds, mice, horses, and all kinds of other creatures.

10.) Believe in your dreams

Cinderella believed in the power of her dreams, she even sang a song about it on a daily basis. So Prince George, envision the kind of life you want to lead, and follow that path with your whole heart. This world rarely resembles a Disney movie, yet happy endings are possible anyway.


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