The top 6 platforms for getting online courses in computer science!


For someone seeking a course in Computer Science, there is a wide range of learning material available on web. By using these information-rich resources, students can make the most out of their education. So if you are someone desperately searching for some genuine and authentic online sources for lessons on computer science then fortunately you can avail some valuable information. Here I have listed the places where you can find informative learning materials and videos for variety of topics in computing field.

1.  MIT OpenCourseWare
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a well-known university for studying courses related with computer science and technology. The university initiated an online project namely MIT OpenCourseWare in 2002 to help students with learning materials on variety of subjects on computer and technology. The students can gain free access to various learning materials that include lectures, notes, assignments, exams and projects. This online source has lessons on Artificial Intelligence, computer programming, computer designs and operating system to name a few. The lessons do not comprise any college credit.

2.  University of Michigan
University of Michigan is yet another popular platform for getting online computer science courses. The university’s website has downloadable materials as well as videos on various subjects. The University of Michigan has a channel on YouTube where students can get training videos on different topics. Popular courses include Computer Security, Computer Networking and Computer Programming.

3.  National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning is a project of Indian government that provides free lessons on the Computer Science through web resources and videos. All the video lessons are available on NPTEL’s channel on YouTube where students can stream or download any lecture. The channel has videos for various courses in computing that include computer design, computer programming, artificial intelligence, graphics designs, computer networking, mobile computing and many more.

4. Education Portal
Education Portal is a free education portal that offers free video lessons on computer science. With Education Portal, students can learn lessons about the role of IT in business. Furthermore, students can learn about the various types of networks and courses related with software and hardware components. The site also offers preparation materials for CLEP exams. Many colleges allocate certain credit to students for CLEP exam. However, students must first confirm the test with their college before taking the classes.

  1. The Computer Technology Documentation Project
    The Computer Technology Documentation Project is a free portal where students can get lessons in computing field. The lessons are organized in different web pages and are divided in chapters. The lessons cover the various aspects of computer science that include computer security, networking, database management and operating system etc. The lessons also include information about the ways TCP/IP protocol work and the different network designs. The course does not constitute any college credit.

6. Laynetworks
Laynetworks was formed in India in 2000 for the purpose of helping students with materials related with computer science course. At first, the site was known for providing IT services to the students. But later on the website became completely dedicated to providing computer science lessons to students. The site offers tutorials about computer networking, operating system and programming. The lessons do not constitute for any college credits but students can gain some valuable information for free.

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