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Six odd jobs you can get with a nursing degree

  When you think of a nursing degree, where do you picture yourself working? A bustling, high-stress emergency room? A quiet, charming clinic? A comforting hospice? Those aren’t your only options. Nurses are in demand in a number of industries today, and below are only six odd jobs you can get with a nursing degree.…


4 Tips to select the best CRNE prep course

The job of a registered nurse is one of the most ‘sought after’ careers in the health care sector today. CRNE or Canadian Registered Nurse Examination opens the doorway for graduates to enter this rewarding career. However, qualifying for the CRNE nursing entrance examination is an uphill task for most candidates. There’s an extensive syllabus…


Skills from CNA certification course

We all know very well the importance of the role of certified nursing assistants in healthcare facilities. In the current medical scenario, where the healthcare standards are rising, the need for CNAs have substantially grown up. However, many people misinterpret this profession, thinking that CNAs do not possess specific skill sets, related to medical field. Becoming a…