Six odd jobs you can get with a nursing degree


When you think of a nursing degree, where do you picture yourself working?

A bustling, high-stress emergency room? A quiet, charming clinic? A comforting hospice?

Those aren’t your only options. Nurses are in demand in a number of industries today, and below are only six odd jobs you can get with a nursing degree.


Mobile blood center nurse

Blood donation is a lifesaving process, and collections are always looking for donors who are willing to spend a little time (and a bit of the red stuff) to assist other patients. You can become a nurse who specializes in this field, operating a mobile blood center, and traveling from location to location to take donations during continuous blood drives.

Forensic and crime nurse

It may not be like it is on television, but forensic and crime related nursing jobs are no less fascinating. Nurses in this field work with police in order to ascertain whether certain injuries were related to some kind of criminal act. For example, someone might be claiming they broke their arm in a fall, but it was really done in an assault. A forensic nurse could inform the police of inconsistencies in the medical evidence. It takes a lot of brainwork, but is an exciting and ever-expanding career.

Pediatric home health care nurse

Usually home health care nurses work with the elderly to help them remain in their homes instead of nursing homes or hospice centers. Pediatric home health care nurses do the same, only with child patients. These children have chronic conditions and require constant care and monitoring. As a nurse, you will visit their home and assist their families in that care.

Search and rescue nurse

When people get lost in the wilderness, or end up hurt on an excursion they need to be rescued. A search and rescue nurse accompanies other S&R team members to the location of these rescues, and stabilize the patient.

Nursing informatics

With Health data archiver systems and cloud storage programs, we have seen the potential for technology to simplify the healthcare world. If you are fascinated by technology’s role in the future of medicine, you may be ready for a nursing informatics jobs.

Cruise ship nurse

Love cruises? Want to help people? Cruise ships need nurses on staff, in case the worst happens. Get ready to sail away!
Don’t settle for the mundane. You can have any exciting career you like with a nursing degree. These are only six examples of some of the cool positions just waiting for you.


Author: Brooke Chaplan

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