Production Operator

Production Operator

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1st Shift Description: Produces product by monitoring and adjusting production line operations. Duties: Prepares production equipment for operation by making equipment setup adjustments; assisting with equipment changeovers. Documents production and production process by completing production logs; calculating production statistics; noting the receipt, flow, and return of materials; noting bins, racks, deliveries, move tickets and log sheets. Maintains quality standards by conducting first-piece and line-clearance inspection; completing production control charts; analyzing recordings and statistics; making equipment adjustments. Helps prepare others for production job responsibilities by demonstrating operational procedures. Maintains production line operation by solving production process problems; making equipment adjustments; reporting production and quality data; reporting decisions made; referring questions to the supervisor Maintains production operations by following policies and procedures (equipment, raw and in-process materials, and finished goods); reporting needed changes. Maintains safe and clean w

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