Master Reactive Couchbase with Spring WebFlux

Master Reactive Couchbase with Spring WebFlux

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Reactive applications are dominating the enterprise landscape in the next decade. Using Spring WebFlux and reactive Couchbase reactive applications can be implemented with minimal boiler plate code. With explosion of cloud computing, iot, bigdata, mobile computing, application requirements have changed drastically. User expectations are sky rocketing.n Challenges which are being faced by enterprises are immense. Users expect a seamless experience with applications all the time. So Software applications have to evolve accordingly to cope with rapid changes in requirements. The traditional three-tier software architecture will not be able to solve these challenges. So to stay ahead of the game your application should be built on a robust architecture that can respond to change, handle load spikes, guarantee 100% up time, and adapt to failures while reducing cost. So answer is reactive systems. When you implement reactive architectures reactive programming and reactive frameworks play a crucial role. Spring Web Flux is a modern state of the art web framework with lot of plumbing done to ease the life of solution providers. Also Couchbase is well integrating document database with Spring WebFlux in reactive fashion. So by learning Reactive programming with spring web flux with Couchhbase you are preparing your self to implement reactive architectures in highly maintainable and modular fashion. Mastering reactive couchbase with Spring WebFlux is an ideal course for you to be an expert on reactive couchbase and spring web flux based applications. So if you really want to deep dive into reactive programming with spring web flux and couchbase concepts this is the right course for you. This course primarily focuses on delivering in depth knowledge on reactive Couchbase concepts and leveraging them with Spring WebFlux, reactive spring data Couchbase environment. Course covers Couchbase7stable and Spring WebFlux 2.6 + versions. You will grasp crucial concepts like reactive systems, reactive programming, Couchbase architecture, Docker based Couchbase clusters, reactive Rest Apis with concurrency, reactive N1QL, reactive Full text search, reactive transactions, reactive error handling with Spring WebFlux and Couchbase. Hands on guidance will guide to groom you to be a professional reactive Couchbase, Spring WebFlux developer/architect while covering wide area of enterprise reactive application landscape. There are 34 lectures available covering key areas. This is an ideal course for developers, architects or anybody keen on exploring modern reactive frameworks and reactive databases.

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