Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 5

Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 5

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Countless survey’s are undertaken each year in the Automotive Industry around the perception of customers to our service and methods. Unsurprisingly the output of these studies indicate their is much improvement required. Whilst many in the industry will continue to manage their enquiries and databases in an irresponsible manner, this course provides the managers of the the future with the strategy and process to lead a new era of motor retailing. In part 4 of the Automotive Sales Management Programme we looked at improving both our digital and physical stock offering. With the increased volumes of enquiry this will bring, it is paramount that your sales team through your leadership has the skills and tools to turn these leads into appointment and sales. We will consider the goals of the customer and the company to deliver a customer service experience in which no other competitor can satisfy. All entry points to the market are considered from proactive prospecting to inbound enquiry. David will take you from reactive to proactive ownership and control of the customer with subtlety and grace when considering the latter. David enjoyed renewal percentages of 67% in his time in the dealer network. Sales growth of 25% year-on-year over 4 years on used vehicle sales.4% increase in market share via new car sales. Customer Satisfaction awards in every year he resided over a sales department. Enquiry management was a key component in this success, and here for the first time his his philosophy and knowledge for the first time. Enjoy the course.

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