Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working

Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working

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Are You Ready to Walk Through the Backdoor Into Your Dream Job Life?For 28 years, I have helped thousands of professionals from all levels make profitable career transitions, create prosperous new businesses and gain new clients through strategic networking. In the past, all of this has been available only through oneon-one consultations. so we are beyond excited to now have it available to a wider audience through this online venue. Whether you want to: land a job, expand your client base or even start a businesseffective relationship building is requiredand getting in and getting connected through a Stealth Method is the basis for uncovering or creating the best opportunities! In a stealth approach to career management or business development, your only task is to meet, know and be known by as many influential people as possible. It is not about looking for a job or pawing at the front door for opportunities like every other Tom, Dick or Harriet. It’s about setting yourself apart. This is a very interactive course each student will have the opportunity to engage with the videos and work through valuable career- and life-enhancing downloadable exercises. As a participant in this course, you are invited to engage in two exclusive communities to support and empower you through this program. Weekly Conference Call: Meet personally with Darrell to get your questions on the program and processes answered and to make connections within the community. Exclusive LinkedIn Group: Dream Job Lifeline, facilitated by Darrell and Jeana, to enable community connection and interaction. The principles taught in this course have been used by hundreds of people for: innovative job searchcreative sales expansioninspired business development If you are ready to take the next step toward landing your dream job and ensuring a future of job security by your own design, we invite you to enroll in the course. Here are what some of the students are saying about this FIVE STAR class:”Fabulous content! Every lecture was to the point and Darrel’s delivery was impeccable. He knows what he is talking about from direct experience. I have began to put into practice some of his recommendations and they do indeed work. Highly recommend this course to others.” -Stella Estevez, PhD”I am just a bit blown away by how comprehensive and thorough this course is. I am one who loves getting a blueprint and solid examples of what to do, and more importantly how to do it. I think my biggest “nice surprise” was the fact that Darrell even gives you scripts so you have a good guideline on exactly what to say in several situations. That, for me is always huge. I’ve already started implementing some of the techniques and it’s obvious they are working because people are paying attention.” – Pam Blackman”This is the most insightful career advice I’ve run across. I think one of the most valuable lessons here (which I wish I had available to me years ago) was how important it is to cultivate connections in high places and to stay connected. Too often, when we reach successful plateaus, the tendency is to disconnect because “we’ve made it!” What we don’t realize is it doesn’t always last, so maintaining connections and building relationship equity in business is essential. I also loved the exercises Darrell gave, because they are real and solid and will provide dividends. This is especially valuable to anyone unemployed, because in Darrell you’ve got the best cheer leader and adviser to lift you up from the depths and show you the way up! And his “Backdoor-Stealth” method for connecting with high level executives through doing a “Research Study” is brilliant! He’s got the goods!” – Rafe J. Leyva”I’ve just completed Darrell Gurney’s course DREAM JOB LIFELINE: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working and am pumped to put all this information to use. This course, like Gurney’s book “Never Apply For A Job Again!”, are fact filled, inspiring and provide the tools to not only view your career search (and career) in a new light, but also to take the actions to enhance your career into a purpose. As I listened to Gurney my juices started flowing. I’m discovering my very powerful “Job Sweet Spot” and how to build a “Career Tribe” that takes my view of my career to a new – much higher – perspective. Not only is Gurney a magnificent mentor, but he puts you in touch with others through social networking that are making the same life changes right now. It was during my exploration of Darrell’s “Your Sweet Spot” worksheet that my juices really started flowing. I was amazed by the varying interests I have an how passionate I am about them. Don’t miss out on this wonderful knowledge. I believe that Gurney is the “critical link” between you and your best career.” -Dean ReganEnroll NOW to Learn How to Attract and Land YOUR Dream Job Life!

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