HTML CSS Bootstrap 3 Project – A Static Website

HTML CSS Bootstrap 3 Project – A Static Website

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This course is a practical course for learning how to use html, css and bootstrap to turn designs into fully functional responsive pagesThis course is intended for anyone with little html and css experience who wants to see how an actual project is done from scratch. Even though some html and css knowledge is assumed, though not absolutely necessary since everything is done on video, bootstrap knowledge is not required or assumed as there is a bootstrap crash course included within the course. Also, you do not need any design software, as I will be using an already made website as a design reference to re-create it again from scratch. This is done for the reason that not everyone has the same design software installed, and it does not make a difference if the design is referenced in a finished page like in this course or actual design such as photoshop, illustrator or sketch. The only difference is that you need some browser extensions to check colors, widths, heights and spaces between elements. Since I do not use design from software such as photoshop, illustrator or sketch, I will be using some chrome extensions that I generally use when doing front-end work, and you can check these out in a free video as well. Once you have completed the course you will be able to turn designs into into fully functional responsive pages. Turn any design into responsive pagesLearn bootstrapLearn how to make responsive websitesLearn how to center any element (both vertically and horizontally)Learn how to change bootstrap mobile breakpointLearn how to use font awesome iconsUse JavaScript and jQueryUse jQuery pluginsNOTE: If current asking price is too much for you, message me for a discount.

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