The 2022 Operational Risk Management I

The 2022 Operational Risk Management I

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Operational Risks are the most significant risks and most damaging risks that companies and institutions are exposed to. Most of the business failures that occurred in the past (Which you will learn about 1 specific case in the United Kingdom) are due to failure in managing Operational Risks and lack of proper governance structure for managing this type of risk. In the 21st Century, with increasingly fierce competition from competitors within the industries, companies, and institutions are focusing on managing their respective operational risks rigorously and competent regulators are tightening their regulatory requirements for banks, financial institutions, and corporate organizations around the world. Operational Risk Management is one of the most prominent components that linked with Enterprise-Wide Risk Management ERM, therefore, all big consulting firms in the world like Mckinsey, BCG, Bain, PwC consulting, KPMG consulting, Deloitte consulting, EY consulting are providing operational risk advisory services to companies. In this course, you will learn about the 7 categories of operational risks, why operational risk management is important, what is risk cycle and you will also learn about current operational risk management tools that are being used in the most elite organizations around the world. BY ATTENDING THIS COURSE, you would: – be able to understand the governance structure in managing operational risks, how companies are facing Operational Risks on daily basis via risk event escalation process- be able to communicate confidently with risk management professionals and consultants regarding Operational risks and related domains- be able to perform research and analysis on operational risks and management cases- be able to get the first steps in pursuing a career in operational risk management- get a certificate of completion of this course

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