Double sword in Krabi krabong Thai martial art level 1

Double sword in Krabi krabong Thai martial art level 1

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Two Handed Sword Techniques It is a sword fighting art. In this department, it is a branch of sword arts in the central region of the Thai kingdom With a fencing style Swing the impact booster And into a brawl, fierce fighting, focus on chopping and attacking with power plus the weight of the sword user. There is a way to walk Retreat in a unique way To move into combat fluently and with power, and in practice following this lesson is presented From the beginning, the sword-controlled rotation gesture And enter defensive posture training Both from above and below. Both for right-handed people And left-handed people And teaching styles from slow to fast, from simple gestures to more solid postures So that learners can understand and follow with more convenience I wish you all the fun and excitement of this training as I have experienced before. And this lesson is an important starting point for the swordsmanship training that I have learned over 17 years. By practicing well in this lesson, I will be able to learn and develop steadily in higher and more difficult subjects. And beautifulThe sword was an early metal weapon, it was made of stone or an alloy of pure metal until it turned to iron. Which is cheaper and more quality And continued to develop for thousands of years Each sword has its characteristics and uses. Or a skill that controls a sword Which sword used in this training Will be a sword and a skill that It has history in Asian countries. And is found widely in the central part of Thailand today

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