DSLR and Mirrorless Video Camera Basics – PROFESSIONAL LOOK

DSLR and Mirrorless Video Camera Basics – PROFESSIONAL LOOK

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Video is now the world’s number one method of communication. It is estimated that the number of video cameras now surpass the number of people in the world. Without a basic understanding of video cameras, you’ll quickly be left in the dust and unable to communicate with a growing global audience. Hi, my name is Marshall Rimmer and I’m a cinematographer who has been filming in high definition before the days of YouTube. I know the ins and outs of Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, RED, and BlackMagic cameras. This class is designed for someone who hasn’t used a camera with manual settings and is looking to shoot beautiful video without spending thousands of dollars on fancy equipment. This class will teach you how to: Use your camera in any situationProperly expose a subjetPut your subject in focus while making the background out of focusProperly frame of a subjectShoot indoors, outdoors, day, and nightUse existing location features to your advantageMove the camera to reinforce emotionWhen you complete this class you will be able to properly expose your footage in any situation with the most cinematic settings possible. You’ll gain confidence every time you pick up your camera and capture beautiful content. All you need is access to a camera to be able ot take this course. Concepts will be explained in a pragmatic way, helping you to use your camera without the use of heavy jargon or other industry language.

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