(NEW) How to optimise your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

(NEW) How to optimise your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

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Price: 149.99 $

Boost your campaign’s performance with 25% on average, to peaks far above 300%!With inside information from an official Facebook Marketing Partner, you’ll learn everything about how to optimise your Facebook & Instagram campaigns, your ad sets, budget, ad creatives and bidding. Everything is detailed in step by step instructions and live demos.I’ll personally guarantee you that you will earn back the fee of this course OR YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Why should you take this course?If your campaigns didn’t reach their desired resultIf you have campaigns which are mysteriously not “running”If you feel your current costs per conversion are too high If you want to get more results from your campaigns with the same budgetIf you want to advice clients, friends and family on optimising their Facebook & Instagram campaigns. If you want to go hands on with a Facebook Marketing Partner! How is this course structured?This course is designed in such a way that even if you have never optimised a Facebook or Instagram campaign, that you’ll still be able to become an expert in less than an hour. We’ll start with talking about ad set budgets and how to optimise themI’ll explain you how to set up a solid testing structureYou’ll learn how to set up and adjust your optimisation in ads manager & power editorYou’ll learn why you need multiple ad creatives to prevent your campaign from loosing moneyYou’ll learn all about optimising your bidding strategy and we go hands on in ads manager

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