6 attributes of quality education

Since its inception, thousands of years ago, mankind has come a long way. Evolution through these infinite numbers of years has been remarkable. One thing that has been proven throughout history is that education and learning are two of the most important requirements for the growth and prosperity of any civilisation. Educational activities are required for fulfilling the basic needs of human development and overcoming the problems associated with finances and living in the civil society.

Looking at this with a macro perspective, education is essential for country wise development as well. It can make nations economically prosperous and healthy.

Education is a basic right:

According to many studies and surveys on the international front, provision of some level education is a basic right that should be ensured to all citizens by their respective governments. All the expenses and financial burden of this activity should be borne by the state without any burden on the students.

According to many studies and surveys on the international front, provision of some level education is a basic right that should be ensured to all citizens by their respective governments. All the expenses and financial burden of this activity should be borne by the state without any burden on the students.

What is more important at higher levels?

However, as you reach higher levels of education, quality of the academic content and learning experience becomes far more important. It is more significant for the national, social and financial stability of individuals, as well as the society. for this reason, the government, as well as the private sector of any country, are more focused on the provision of professional and higher educational facilities to the people. Therefore it is not enough just to provide education to the students but also the assurance of high-quality education at all levels.

The quality of education:

But what is quality education? Are there any parameters standardised for this purpose? How can we differentiate with good and bad education? These are some common questions that come to our minds while addressing this issue. Education does not only mean delivering some academic content to a student rather it is a mechanism that helps all individuals for reaching their best potentials and entering into a social environment as highly productive and successful members.


Attributes of quality education in a country:

To make things little simple below is a description of 6 attributes of quality education:

Ensures provision of equitable and inclusive education:

Education should be provided to all citizens without any discrimination or division. It should be unified across the country and should have the same content taught to all the students. Equality in education brings students at par and they are better able to compete in their own surroundings. It is essential for a country to follow the same educational system to avoid any disparities of understanding and thinking. Quality education in a country should be the provision of educational right without any barriers of gender, age, geographic or demographic characteristics.

Ensures to follow the best examples:

Quality education should be able to give the students necessary information and data that has made other countries prosperous and economically stable. It is a learning activity that should follow examples of highly developed nations of the world. In any given scenario, education can act as a central role in assisting the citizens in developing tolerance and peaceful attributes.

Ensures provision of wholesome learning experience:

Education should not just focus on academics and achievement of degrees. It should be able to achieve goals beyond the basic objectives. Focusing on the student as a whole person is important. It should be able to provide different learning materials and activities that will help develop his mental, emotional, social and even physical traits. It should be able to prepare the students for an entire life rather than just the next level or class.

Ensures provision of the quality educational environment:

A quality education cannot be imparted to students if the quality of the environment or educational facility is deteriorating. It is essential for quality education that the school or college has an ideal environment with all the basic necessities and resources. It should be safe and secure and provide the student satisfaction. Spending time in the facility should allow students to learn about practising healthy and clean lifestyles with elements of morality and emotional strength. Active engagement in learning should always remain the key goal of the school or college but extracurricular activities should also not be neglected.

Ensures provision of long-lasting results:

When a student is provided with quality education, it enhances his or her chances of achieving the results that the education system aims for. These positive outcomes are more long lasting and beneficial for the individual and the collective society in the long run. Schools and colleges should be in alignment with these goals and objectives and should keep the content and academic activities up to date for this purpose.

Ensures provision of the best knowledge:

For classifying an educational system as top quality it should be able to provide the best three elements to every student. These elements should include the provision of the high-quality teachers, providing access to best available learning tools and systems and best professional learning resources for the students.

So we see, that quality may be a subjective standard for measuring an educational system, but by ensuring the provision of the above 6 attributes, any nation can ensure best outcomes and results for the future.

Author: The above content has been contributed by Selena Simpson who has completed many educational writings for Professional Assignment Writer. She is a learned teaching professional.


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