Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

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This presentations skills programme will provide you with practical and professional techniques to help you design, prepare for, and deliver effective presentations. Furthermore you will be provided with highly rated presentation tips to ensure the success of your presentation.

Completing this course will give you the confidence, skills, techniques and tools to deliver highly effective presentations in a structured, clear and sound way.

You will have the practical skills to be professional and effective at the completion of this programme enabling you to achieve the desired results.

Presenting to an audience has been and can be one of the most feared and dramatic events in a person’s life. A survey amongst executives in Australia some years ago rated Presenting as the top most feared event in life, feared more than a snake-bite. In my programme you will learn how to overcome nerves and concerns as well as giving you confidence to be in full control of your presentation and audience.

John Ellard is a highly skilled business executive who has been training presentation skills to senior executives and politicians around the world for almost 30 years. John is from the UK and has lived in Australia and Africa, worked across four continents; Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has extensive experience in working across cultures and has some great examples of cross cultural issues to be addressed.

John’s style is based on generating highly motivated students to target success.