Value-Based Care: Quality Improvement in Organizations

Value-Based Care: Quality Improvement in Organizations

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COURSE 6 of 7. Fragmented healthcare has created the need for healthcare reform, changing how healthcare is delivered and managed by shifting the structure and culture of healthcare organizations across the U.S. In this course, you will explore ways that provider organizations can successfully move from volume to value through implementing Quality Improvement plans and Continuous Quality Improvement. Organizational improvement is a continuous process. To be successful means coming to grips with things you have to do, how they get done, and who needs to be involved. Paramount to the process is recognizing that every role-every team member-in the organization is important to a successful VBC strategy. You will also learn about adaptive leadership and how to advance vision and innovation through collaboration. Collaborative relationships between team members and leadership are critical to the transformation. You will explore strategies to gain buy-in, agreement, and understanding about the organization’s vision of value-based care and learn to engage team members in developing solutions to challenges. In the summative assignment, you will identify a measurable value-based care goal that would benefit from process improvement, describe how that goal will be communicated with the care team, and explain your role in leading the targeted improvements.

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