Best online tools for creating e-learning courses

Whether you’re building a course for your students or your employees, you want to make sure the learning process is as good as it can be. Creating your own e-learning course, with interactivity and visuals, has never been easier. There’s a host of online tools with excellent capabilities offering course creators the chance to see their greatest ideas in action. Here are some of the best:

The Xerte Project

The Xerte Project aims to provide educators with the tools to create high-quality e-learning courses. Aimed at a non-technical audience, the software allows users to assemble content quickly and easily using a variety of templates. There’s also a Xerte Project community, where users can ask questions of other users and developers and find support with their eLearning project.


The perfect online software for group authoring projects, Composica provides teams with the tools to collaborate on their e-learning course. Team members can make comments, engage in group chats and access the course based upon their level of access – developers, contributor or reviewer. Composica allows you to build e-learning courses with built in quizzes and games and then publish them to HTML 5, LMS, PDF or desktop.


If you want to focus your e-learning course around module end quizzes, Easygenerator is just the ticket. This online software allows you to create engaging courses and quizzes, available in a variety of formats. There’s a free version that allows you to share up to 10 courses with up to 10 learners. And if you’re prepared to pay for it, a better version offering more features and the ability to share courses with an unlimited number of learners.

Adobe Presenter 11

If you’re familiar with PowerPoint, using Adobe Presenter 11 should be a breeze. You can create regular PowerPoint slides and then convert them into course content. You can add interactive elements, select human characters to tell your story more effectively or simply drag and drop quizzes and games into the mix. Your finished course will convert to a number of formats meaning your students can study on the go. Adobe Presenter 11 provides a really comprehensive course building tool.


Another eLearning creation tool based around Power Point, AuthorPOINT allows users to convert their presentations into SCORM compliant, rich multimedia presentations. You can add audio and video, then share your new and improved presentations across a variety of platforms.


At its simplest, Elucidat allows users to select a theme and a sequence of page types in order to create their course content. It can be used without any coding to create engaging e-learning programs. However, those with a little technical know-how will find their course content fully customizable. There’s a built-in image library, the option for easy collaboration on projects and the ability to create responsive courses for any device.

Smart Builder

Those with a bit of know-how and decent budget, should certainly give Smart Builder the once over. This software claims to go beyond the standard tell-and-test e-learning content. Instead this tool allows you to create courses with meaningful and memorable interactivity. It’s fast, fully customizable, available on PC or MAC and full of great wizard-based templates. There’s also a team of knowledgeable staff on hand for free live training as well as phone and chat support.

The tools you use to build your e-learning course will depend upon your aims, your budget and your technical knowledge. There’s a great selection of online software out there so, whatever your requirements, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill.



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