Student health: Five fitness tips

Student health: Five fitness tips


College life can be a new challenge for incoming freshmen. It will be different from high school. In college, the classes will be tougher than you need to be physically fit. College life is associated with a wide range of health issues such as decreased metabolism and weight gain. In order to meet the rigours associated with college life, students need to be physically fit. But how do you get started? Here are some tips that can help students stay healthy and cope with college life.

  1. Make a plan.

At the onset of the new school year or semester, plan out your exercise routine. It will all depend on your course load. Regardless, you should find the time to exercise. For example, you can carry your swimsuit and head to the swimming pool after your class. If you live in a dormitory within the campus, you can go biking on your way to school. The key to planning is to be realistic. If your class is at 8:00 a.m., it is unlikely that you will exercise at 6:00 a.m.

  1. Join a club or put up your own.

Exercising or staying fit can be more fun with friends or other people. They can encourage you when you are less motivated to exercise and they can be your workout buddy as well. Check out the bulletin board of your dormitory or recreation centre and see if there are fitness and sports club that you can join. Whether it’s cycling, swimming, rock climbing, there will surely be a group you can join that can help you stay physically fit. If you are just a freshman, joining a club can be a good way to gain new friends and experience a feeling of belongingness. They can also come in handy as your support group. If you want, you can also put up your own club.

  1. Sign up for an intramural sport.

If you are not one who is into exercising, Andrew Dubbs recommends signing up for an intramural sport. An assistant track and field coach of the University of North Carolina who trains and conditions varsity athletes. According to him, joining an intramural sport can open up bonding opportunities with classmates and also engage in a different sport. As the games are organized by the league itself, it would be much easier for students to schedule their workout.

  1. Embrace the dorm workout.

No play, only work makes one a dull person. This applies to student life as well. You cannot always stay inside your dormitory. From time to time, you need to exercise. But there are times when your study schedules, as well as bad weather, will not make working out feasible. One remedy is to work out in a small space such as in your room. You can invest in a resistance band or even a Pilates machine. When you are going to shop you can check out the best Pilates reformer machine reviews at GymGearInfo, you can choose the best machine equipment for home use, if you want to get the best worth for your money what will be expend.

  1. Walk the campus.

Walking from your dormitory to your school can be a natural way of exercising. Instead of riding to class on the cross-campus bus service, consider walking. College life can be a real challenge for the not-so-fit student. However, by following these tips you can have the strength to cope with your hectic schedule as you transition from high school to college life.


Raul H .Powell, is a content developer and a freelance writer, working with Gymgear Info.


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