Tips for teaching your kids how to write an essay

The ability to write high-quality texts is an essential milestone in a child’s education. Being able to write essays will benefit your child in school and in life in general. Chances are, your children aren’t going to love writing essays right away. However, it’s still your responsibility to educate the child on the value that they are receiving by acquiring this vital skill. In this article, you’ll find out tips on how to properly introduce your youngsters to the art of writing.


Start off slowly


Take some time before you start looking into the more complicated aspects of essay-writing with your kids. Until you get there, it’s essential to make sure that they possess the very basics of English grammar and orthography.

“Don’t throw in your kid at the deep end from the very beginning. Remember that kids get bored quickly, especially if they can’t succeed at something. So try to use some gamification tactics to make the learning process easier for your child,” advises James Daily, professional writer and education blogger at Brainished.


Check out how the pros do it


It’s also a good idea to start off by giving your child some great examples of high-quality writing. By making some small time investments, you can find an interesting book that will help your kid learn the basics. Reading a lot is still one of the best ways to improve someone’s writing skills. A young person can learn new words, understand the language and its usage better and boost his or her imagination.

“Once you’ve done with this part, it’s time for some practice. Begin writing a short essay or a fairy tale with your child. It’s a good idea to review a text after finishing a few paragraphs.” – shares Amanda Sparks, freelance writer and author of TopDownWriter blog. “You can use the variety of online services to proofread a written piece. Consider Grammarly, Hemmingway App, BestWritersCanada or Readable for example.”


Don’t just stop at essays

Yes, knowing how to write an excellent essay will definitely be helpful, but your child needs to learn how to write other types of texts, like reports, letters, resumes, and others. Exploring the world of written text is really important in order to develop writing skills. There isn’t anything more useful than actual practice, any type of practice. In order to facilitate the learning process, make sure your child enjoys it. Teach them about the basics of writing a letter and practice by writing one to his friend, his aunt, or any other person or relative that the child feels lots of affection towards.

Furthermore, you have the chance to explore the child’s aspirations through writing. Teach your child how to write a resume for example.

“I’ve had a meaningful conversation with my 14-year-old daughter when we sat down to write a resume. I found out a lot about my kid. I realized she is passionate about medicine. She looks forward to being a doctor. I wouldn’t know that if we wouldn’t practice writing a resume. I realized that sometimes children simply can’t open up verbally. This is why letting them explore writing is an amazing idea.” – shares Ellie Dunlap, content manager at CanadaWriters.

Plus, to pass English proficiency tests like IELTS, Cambridge, and TOEFL you need to be able to write a host of different texts:

  • Essays
  • E-mails
  • Brochures
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Letters of application
  • Reviews

By teaching your child to write the following texts, you’re opening a whole new spectrum of opportunities for him or her.

Make sure you don’t force your children into learning writing. This might demotivate them from acquiring this useful skill. Having the ability to write a good essay is an essential skill, which will enrich their vocabulary and will expand their understanding of language. Don’t hesitate to order some texts that will act as a guiding material. Teaching your children to write will help you bond and will let you learn more about their aspirations.


Bio: Natalie Andersen, blogger, pro writer and researcher, author of the book “Conquer Essay Phobia: Perfect Formula for a Good Grade!”.

“Once and forever, I decided for myself, that my life will never be the result of the circumstances, but of my own actions. I am fancy creating the things I am good at and make them useful for the others.”




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