How does technology contribute to efficient learning methods?

Education has been valued globally for a very long time and with the passage of time, the way people are providing education is changing. The power of pen still remains, but technological advancements have made everything computerised leading to immensely high efficiency. It is important for learning to be efficient because students do not have the option of widening their learning if they remain bound within a classroom. Technology has therefore played an important role in making learning efficient for students of all levels by not only introducing new methods and way but also gadgets that aid learning.

Keeping the education sector aside for a minute, it is worth mentioning that technology has evolved the way every industry works. From entrepreneurship to governance and politics, every field has been revolutionised due to technology. There are a number of gadgets, software and methods introduced due to global technological advancements and they are largely being used by educational institutes mainly because without them, learning becomes boring, difficult and limited. Following are some of the best ways in which technology has contributed to efficient learning methods :

  • Online video lectures: The first and foremost benefit that students receive from technology in education is that they can find online video lectures on almost any topic or subject they want. This means that students now have an option to not attend college for any monetary or non-monetary reasons and learn at home. According to a survey, this kind of learning through online video lectures is equally efficient and in fact, some students claim to prefer online video lectures over the lectures at college. The video lectures do not only explain the concepts but also solve example questions for clarity.

  • Tablet PCs: Popularly known as tablets, Tablet PC is now becoming a necessity for students. Since information technology is dominating the world, students need a laptop to access e-books, journals, articles and practice questions, but the laptop is not always the most convenient option when it comes to carrying. Therefore, tablets are gaining immense popularity as their large screen, small size and light weight allow students to keep the tablet in the bag without any hassle.

  • Improved teaching methods: The students are apparently not the only ones to benefit from technological advancements in education, but the teachers are also able to provide education efficiently. Almost every classroom is now installed with projector and remote so that teachers do not have to wait for students to write everything before they can proceed. They prepare slides beforehand and upload them on a shared portal,  where students can access it anytime. The mic technology means that classrooms can be very large without creating any problems for students in learning.

  • Online exams and assignment submissions: Finally, the greatest contribution of technology in the education sector is the fact that exams are now being conducted online under strict supervision. This allows freedom to both, students and professors, to keep the date and time according to their convenience. Also, assignment submission has become easy. Students are able to check for grammar and plagiarism before submission and the submission process only requires students to upload them on the portal before the deadline. As the deadline passes, the option to upload vanishes automatically and hence it urges the students to complete assignments on time.

These are only the most popular ways in which technology has revolutionised education. There are hundreds of other gadgets, tools and software that can help you make learning an efficient process. Have your say in the comments below if you have any more to add.

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