Top time management tips for online students

Do you know what is the greatest challenge faced by online learners today? It is managing time for the studies along with taking out enough time for accomplishing others tasks. The main reason for getting enrolled into an online course or program is obviously to save time rather than not having

It is managing time for the studies along with taking out enough time for accomplishing others tasks. The main reason for getting enrolled into an online course or program is obviously to save time rather than not having any time. If online learners don’t manage their time well, chances are that they will ultimately fall behind.

Managing time effectively is the key to success. While online learners have the flexibility and ease of taking their classes anywhere, at any time of the day, it’s also easy for them to procrastinate and put off their important tasks and assignments until the last minute.

Thus, online learners need to manage their time on their own. They need to balance their studies between their work, part-time job, kids, family obligations and other activities so that they can create an effective time management system.

Below are 6 effective time-management tips, that will help you get more done, in less time, so you can stay ahead without getting stressed out and accomplish your online course successfully:

Tip#1 – Create a study plan

Making a study plan is a useful time management tip for an online learner. Fix your timings during the day to work on the lectures. Set different days for different tasks, for example, Monday for course readings, and Tuesday for participating in online discussions. Sticking to your study plan will allow you to take out time for work and family.

Tip#2 – Set personal and time goals

When studying online, it is important to set your personal learning and time goals, so that you know what you have to accomplish. Goal setting also allows you to decide on what you should spend your time more and what is less important.

Tip#3 – Create a schedule for your coursework

You can make a calendar or a schedule for your course work so that you know which weeks are easier and which will be busy for you to complete your assigned online tasks. A schedule also helps avoid procrastination that will allow you to submit the assignments in a timely manner.

Tip#4 – Note down important due dates

Before the commencement of your online classes, review your syllabus and note down the important due dates at a point that you will frequently refer to (such as your study schedule or calendar in the above tip). Always check those dates before carrying out any of your other work-related or social commitments.

Tip#5 – Ask for help from others

Never be scared to ask for the help of any sort from people if you’re struggling with your online coursework or your personal commitments. You can ask for help from your spouse, your online learning partner, your friend, and your online instructor. You spouse can help you with looking after the kids in the evening. You can hire a maid to do all the housework for you.

You can also consider hiring a babysitter if your kids are too small to look after themselves. A trusted family member or a friend can also be of great help. If cooking is an issue, there are many frozen foods available in the market nowadays that you can bring home for lunch or dinner.

Lastly, asking for help from your online instructor will save an ample amount of time if you’re having difficulty with your online course.

Tip#6 – Deal effectively with distractions and interruptions

You need to deal with all kinds of distractions and interruptions effectively when it comes to managing time as an online learner. First of all, you need to make sure that your study area is comfortable, clean, and organised so that you can get the most out of your online study time. Notify your family and friends about your study timings so they won’t disturb you. If you are easily distracted by TV, switch it off and listen to some of your favourite tracks to stay focused.


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