5 Mistakes you must avoid as a foreign student

You may have sent in your applications and booked your ticket, but let’s not throw out a party just yet. Studying abroad is a great experience indeed, but there are limits to what you can do there. One wrong move and your journey could go awry.


You are a complete stranger going into a place you know nothing about. How will you survive? It’s a good thing we caught you just in time. This is the article that will help you be more at peace. To make your overseas studies count, avoid making the following blunders:



  • Not travelling enough



It might be a joy to visit Paris, but that shouldn’t be your only option. You should also consider flying to other renowned cities like London as it is close by with cheaper fare rates. Do not ground yourself to only one culture because there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you elsewhere as well.


You will deeply regret not having to capitalise on your advantages when you had the chance.



  • Drinking too much



Taking about 20 shots and then throwing up all over the place is just not going to cut it. There is a reason why alcohol is the Devil’s favourite drink. Take note of drunk driving, not being in control of your body and the fact that you say things you never intend to, you need to keep your hand, of the drink.


You may be in a place where drinking may be part of the culture, but it is still not smart to overdo it. You could end up risking your own life in the end.



  • Placing too much focus on studying



Even if you are a studious person, it isn’t right to just binge on your books. You will be missing out on life by not interacting with a soul over there. It is not healthy or even sane. It’s not a good idea to completely miss out on your homework, but it is still not good to do too much.


Even if it is learning a new language just to pass a course, set limits to your workload.



  • Not budgeting your money



Studying abroad can be quite expensive if you’re not careful. You should always take the precaution to budget your money before you fly to a new place. If you don’t you could end up high and dry before the end of your first semester. You have to set a certain amount each week for groceries, transport and fun stuff.



  • Not immersing yourself in culture



People will easily take note of you as an outsider on their soil. So, do try your best to blend in as best as you can. Try to immerse yourself in the culture of your host state, so that you can get around better. Go hang out at local bars, restaurants and morning market where you can partake in local activities.


Final thoughts…


Living in a foreign country as a student is a tough call that can test your skills and abilities. The only thing that makes the difference is your ability to adapt to the changes that come with this transition of life.


So, the faster you emulate the social and cultural trends of your destination country, the quicker are you able to make the transition. In conclusion, you have to be steadfast if you want to make your foreign stay count. You have to give it your best to try and fit in.


Catherine Daisy is a career consultant at UAE Assignment Writing. She takes out time of his busy schedule as a way to mentor students regarding their life, education, and career. In addition, she also offers online assignment help to students in every region.

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