The benefits of handwriting vs. typing

With todays’ development of technology and science, we somehow seem to forget the basic skills that we learned when we were in our primary school desks.

If you wonder which skill am I talking about it is writing – one of the first things owe learn when starting going to school!

Are the new technologies that are enabling typing replace handwriting, with all the positive sides of using PC, lap tops, tablets and mobile phones actually assisting in all aspects of our brain and skills development? Most of the time -yes-, but to a certain extend they do not.

When we write, we use different skills and when we type we engage others. Have a look at the infographic and share your thoughts.

And on another thing…..You might want to know what does the pen that you prefer to use most actually say about your characters.
Let’s begin!

The Benefits of Handwriting vs Typing - Infographic

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