Education across the Globe

The state of the world’s education is a popular topic as many wonder how their own nation is measuring up. The media often picks up on standardized testing results as the most important yardstick. However, it is important to pay attention to how these nations rank in the standings for their comprehensive system of education. There’s quite a disparity between the two.

Who’s on top when it comes to the test scores?

Take a look at the test scores and Asian countries take the prize as performing best, the region of Shanghai, China coming in first place. While the test-taking performance is admirable, the education system as a whole ranks 50th in the world. Why are Asian countries doing well on tests? In these nations, a great deal of pressure is placed on students to excel from a young age. It is considered a matter of honor and children would not want to be a disappointment to their families. It is also notable that only a small portion of the population, meaning those students that show academic excellence, are given extra advantages in order to be more successful. Compare the United States, a country that ranks number five in offering the best education to its population, and the test scores are not as promising. However, the United States strives to offer an equal education to its vast population, despite differences in socioeconomic status and learning abilities. It also stresses developing excellence in students in secondary school and college. The main goal is to provide the same advantages to all students and not be selective in order to make the grade on tests.

What is making the top schools the most effective?

The best schools in the world stress the importance of their teachers. Staff members are provided with competitive salaries, given entitlement to make reforms since they are at the front lines of battle, and offered time to collaborate. Professional development is key as well. Students are given the opportunity to play and have strong involvement from their communities. Parents recognize the importance of an education and make sure they show their support in every way.



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